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Adams TV Teasers - 31st January - Part One - Glee, 90210, Hawaii 5-0, Nikita, The Good Wife & More...

Hey Folks,

Adam's TV Teasers is back with tons of teasers, spoilers, episode titles and casting calls for you to delve into. So many that once again, we have divided them into two parts, the second of which you can find HERE

Boardwalk Empire
Episode 3.01

The new season is looking for people to play the recurring role of Mrs. Shearer, a blue collar mother with lots of children. The role is described as recurring.
Also, the role of Evelyn is wanted. Evelyn is a prostitute and needs to be comfortable with nudity. (shocker) More intriguing is that this role has the potential to become recurring as we head through the season. Keep your eyes open folks!

Episode 4.21

Three roles are being cast as we speak. The first is Richard, who is a smart guy wearing a suit and described as pompous and condescending.
Also featuring in the episode is the smaller roles of young surfer and social worker. Yeah, they're so small they don't even have names! Don't say we never treat you here... :P

Hawaii 5-0
Episode 2.19 is called "Kalele"

Some nice teasers for the episode with the synopsis revealing that McGarrett's sister Mary finds herself facing a long term prison sentence when she is found with millions of diamonds on her. Taped onto her, that is...
Claiming she is being used by people who kidnapped a friend of hers, the team finds themselves in a situation sure to have repercussions for the rest of the season!

Breaking In
Episode 2.04 is called "Catch Me If You Can, Cam"

A couple of small co starring roles for the episode are Mrs. Jenkins, who is a no nonsense woman who can't believe her son is involved in a large hacking scandal.
Also appearing is Doctor Rose, who is shocked to find Cameron going through his private files...

Episode 3.13 is called "Heart"

As is always the case with Glee, there's a late addition to an episode... That person is Nick, who is an intimidating high school jock.
Look out for him in the Valentine’s Day special...

Hart Of Dixie
Episode 1.20 is called "The Race and The Relationship"

Annie Hattenbarger is the new recurring role on Hart of Dixie, a warm, quirky woman from the South who just so happens to be Rose's mother.
She takes Zoe's advice and allows Rose to go on a date, but when disaster strikes, she blames Zoe for the situation!

Episode 3.18 is called "My Brother's Wedding"

The season finale sees a whirlwind wedding about to take place and everyone seems to be feeling the romance. I'm not kidding, that is what the synopsis states...
A character introduced in the episode that is going to be key to next season is Victor, a nine year old who Julia tries to connect with!

Franklin and Bash
Episode 2.10 is called "6:50 to SLC"

The second season finale here sees the introduction of Tommy Gale, who is Peter's childhood friend, and a man who wants to drop out of the race for governor because of a family scandal!

New Girl
Episode 1.18 is called "Secrets"

Nick finds himself in trouble when two roommates who Nick hooked up with last week discover the secret. Also there is a third college girl who is desperately trying to retrieve a scarf from the loft.
It's safe to say, there is going to be even more women who Nick hooked up with, but to say any more would be spoiling the fun!
Also in the episode Jess is angry at Cece and Schmidt for hiding a secret from her!

Episode 2.17

In the episode is Stuart, who is an MI6 agent who is tailing a Russian spy to retrieve a case full of documents. Pretty standard copy and paste spy storyline there then...

Episode 1.12

NBC are hoping for a smash hit here, and are casting an Indian Goddess to try and help out.
I honestly have no idea how a goddess fits into the shows plotline, but it sure sounds interesting... I think?!

Episode 3.05

In the episode is Mario, who with his wife Teresa travels to New Orleans to visit their daughter.
His worries about the location his daughter lives may ring true as the episode advances!

The Good Wife
Episode 3.17

A new recurring role in the show is Judge Friend, who is a hot judge with a stern manner. She's certainly not one to mess around with. Needless to say, she finds herself in an awkward position when a primary witness appears guilty of perjury!

That's all for this week. Be sure to check out the other part of Adams TV Teasers for even more spoilers, teasers, episode titles and casting calls HERE


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