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Adams TV Teasers - 31st January - Part Two - Person Of Interest, The Mentalist, Grimm, Once Upon A Time & More...

Hey Folks,

Adam's TV Teasers is back with tons of teasers, spoilers, episode titles and casting calls for you to delve into. So many that once again, we have divided them into two parts, the second of which you can find HERE

How I Met Your Mother
Episode 7.18 is called "Karma's A Bitch"

A couple of small teasers for the episode, is that a strip club patron shows up with a history in hustling, whilst another of Barney's many former sexual conquests shows up. Named Chanel, she is a stripper with a stutter!

Episode 1.21 is called "The Great Compromise"

The season's penultimate episode introduces Troy, who is an editorial assistant working in Manhattan.
Whilst he is seen as a bit of a snob, he warms up to Tessa...

Episode 1.17

There's a new recurring character in town. She's called Catherine, and she is sexy! Ho yeah...
She is Adalind's mother, and is a Hexenbiest Wesen creature. In short, a witch :P
Despite her stunning appearance, she has motives that are a little unclear!

Episode 3.20

Despite the show unclear future, there is some casting going on. And it's big!
Chang's mother is being cast as a woman who has a sharp tongue and you don't mess with her!
Also appearing for the first time is Joshua, who is a young kid and Chang's most trusted Lieutenant...

Once Upon A Time
Episode 1.18 is called "Stable Boy"

When someone is described as a large quest star, you know it is important! And Cora, who will be back next season for a three episode arc is such a role.
The Evil Queens mother, she could just be the woman who taught Regina her dark ways!
Also featuring is Daniel, a stable boy and Young Snow, a princess who sees the world with tainted glasses. Typical fairytale malarkey then...

30 Rock
Episode 6.13

The comedy is adding a few small roles for the episode, including a muscular Armenian, a working class oddball, a mailroom clerk and a genuinely weird extra. Only 30 Rock...

Person of Interest
Episode 1.17 is called "Baby Blue"

Several guest stars in the episode are a construction magnate who has a shocking revelation about a family member and his wife who is described as an attractive and proud woman.
Also look out for Bradley, the couple's son who is a constant source of anguish to his parents!
More interesting though is the role of Yolinda, a nurse who helps Carter with her investigation and Dr. Graysmith who Carter finds herself at odds with!

Episode 3.12 is called "Coalition"

When a wide range of villains hear of $3.2Million in cash is in a safe deposit box waiting to be taken illegally, Raylan sees this as the opportune moment to bring down Dickie, Boyd and Quarles... All. In. One. Go! Sounds like a season finale sort of storyline to me!

The Mentalist
Episode 4.18 is called "Rudd Cheeks"

Guest starring is Helen Braddock, who is a cancer victim and is devastated at the murder of her also cancer suffering husband!

That's all for this week. Be sure to check out the other part of Adams TV Teasers for even more spoilers, teasers, episode titles and casting calls HERE


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