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Adams TV Teasers - 13th November - Part Two - The Big Bang Theory, CSI NY, Revenge & More...

Hey Guys,

Adam's TV Teasers is back and bigger than ever, split over two posts due to the huge amounts of teasers, spoilers and show info I have for you all this week.

I hope you all enjoy the news, and make sure to check out the news on Castle, The Good Wife, Hawaii 5-0 & More HERE

Criminal Minds
Episode 7.13 is called "Snake Eyes."

There is one new role entering into this episode as an addition. That is Francesca, who is a smoking hot model that is a head turner but not a bimbo.
She certainly doesn't sound like having the mind of a criminal, but as many a show proves, appearances can be deceiving...

Hart Of Dixie
Episode 1.14 is called "Aliens & Aliases."

The big guest star of the episode is Eric Sunberg, who is a "Doc Brown" type eccentric science teacher who is in charge of a local school fair.
He just happens to believe he's communicating with aliens, and after he is fired in shocking fashion, George enlists Zoe's help to find out exactly what is causing Sunberg's whacky behaviour.
Also in the episode is Dotty, Eric's wife who is one of the few who truly believes her husband has connections beyond our world in an episode that sounds fun, fresh and a little bizarre.

Prime Suspect

For what may turn out to be the new shows final episode, there are several new characters appearing.
The main of those are Teddy Melendez, a Latino badass, and Abe Develle who is a hot headed officer.
With the chance of a full season reprieve, also featuring in the episode is Duffy's mother in a potentially recurring role...

Episode 1.04

Amanda Peet's new show introduces a recurring character in Vanessa, Walt's (Jeffrey Tambor) ex wife who is a woman that looked hip in the 70's but is a bit dated nowadays.

Fairly Legal
Episode 2.04

Travis Coats in a top of the show star in this episode. He went to high school with Kate's partner and grew up in a tough Oakland neighbourhood.
Travis' role features a fist fight in a restaurant and a head to head battle regarding a tenant/landlord case... Exciting stuff!

Cougar Town
Episode 3.11

In the episode is Wade, who is a new recurring character and Laurie's soldier boyfriend who she met online. How very modern...
This is the first episode he is seen in person as he is on leave from Iraq!

Parks & Recreation
Episode 4.14 is called "Operation Ann."

In the episode is Kevin, a punk teen who works at the Pawnee Snow Globe Museum. Hands up who wants to visit there?!
Also in the episode is a good looking male escort, a costumed bartender looking like Cupid, a slimy businessman as well as a couple of creepy/dorky guys who are introduced to Ann at a dance...

The Big Bang Theory
Episode 5.11

In the episode is a big old bully of Leonards, who is back to pick up where he left off!

Episode 8.13 is called "The Ripple Effect."

The twist in this episode is in its storyline; two cases seemingly unrelated which have much more in common than anyone could ever imagine.
Crucial to the plot is Toby, a gentle giant who works at a Hotel which homes dozens of starving artists.
With the hotel being condemned, just how far will he go to save the building?

The Closer
Episode 7.19 is called "Last Rights."

When a Catholic Priest is killed whilst administering last rights, Brenda finds photos of young girls in flat of the deceased.
As the case unfolds, Brenda becomes convinced that the killer is an angry parent!

Happy Endings
Episode 2.12 is called "Makin' Changes."

Jane encourages Penny to find a man and then change him to suit her expectations.
Also in the episode, Alex stages an intervention after accusing Dave of being addicted to wearing V-neck shirts... Oh the drama, Shakespeare would be proud!

Episode 1.12 is called "Infamy."

In the episode is Sofie, who is a charming heiress of the Arnault family fortune. She's interested in a potential investment partner.
In less serious news, there's also Amy who kisses another girl in a popular bar! Dun dun dun...

Hope you all enjoyed the teasers this week, and check back next week for more teasers!



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