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Adams TV Teasers - 13th November - Part One - Castle, The Good Wife, Hawaii 5-0 & More...

Hey Guys,

Adam's TV Teasers is back and bigger than ever, split over two posts due to the huge amounts of teasers, spoilers and show info I have for you all this week.

I hope you all enjoy the news, and make sure to check out the news on The Big Bang Theory, CSI NY, Revenge & More HERE

Episode 4.15

A recurring guest star will be beginning in this episode' Sonia, who is cool, smart and a very attractive woman.
She also happens to own one of the hippest art galleries in town!
Also look out for the nerdy Hal, a snotty and conceited individual who is dying to become one of the college's cool kids!

Pretty Little Liars
Episode 2.24 is called "If These Dolls Could Talk."

Two big roles in this episode; Martha, who is a middle aged woman that owns a creepy doll shop and Seth, who is a spooky looking nine year old boy.
It seems spooky is the name of this episodes game, and with a pale skinned Seth they may just be looking for a doll that talks...

American Horror Story
Episode 1.10 is called "Birth."

The producers are squeezing three more small roles into the episode, Dr.Marches, a confident man as well as a Tribal Elder and a Native American Woman.
With this being AHS, they could be in any sort of scene, from a fishing trip to a rocket launch.

Hawaii 5-0
Episode 2.12 is called "Ka Ho'oponopono."

Zach is the boyfriend of this week’s murder victim and after learning of her death tries to commit suicide with pills. Arrogant & a bit off-putting McGarrett believes he needs to be questioned about the death...
Also featuring is Jared, the editor of the school newspaper who has a habit for hacking into people's laptops and remotely recording the webcams. Using what he finds for blackmail, Jared has a role crucial to the story.
The official synopsis states that when a teenage girl is murdered in her bed, suspicion shifts around to various people including the woman’s boyfriend. Not even a blackmailing student can match the complicated motives the real culprit has.

30 Rock
Episode 6.05

In the episode is Marty & Adam Goldstein, one a high powered accountant to the stars whilst the other is a spoiled 13 year old brat.
Also look out for a GE exec who gets far too excited by Jack's presentation at a conference...

Rules of Engagement
Episode 6.12 is called "Meat Wars."

Guest star of the episode is Meredith, who is a podiatrist that Timmy meets under false pretences.
Russell finds her number in a jacket he hasn't worn for years, and sends Timmy to do some undercover work to determine if she is worth pursuing...

Episode 4.12 is called "Dial M for Mayor."

Several guest stars in the episode fill in the puzzle of the week. The vast majority are phone sex operator's for Dial-A-Goddess... Raunchy!
In what is sure to be a fun episode, the various parts feature Transylvanian accents, breathy high noises and a Lauren Bacall sounding voice.
Also featuring is the grizzled landlord of the murder victim's apartment.

The Good Wife
Episode 3.12 is called "Alienation of Affection."

There's a new recurring role in town; Altero, a charming, handsome man who works for Legal Support Chicago.
He's the type of guy who knows how to dress with minimum fuss, and always has sunglasses on!
Also look out for an old flame of Wills, as well as a man blaming Lockhart/Gardner for his divorce.

Episode 1.11

The mob is involved in this episode, which revolves around two workers killed on a construction job.
When organised crime enters the fray, Carries decides to go right to the source o get the answers she wants.
One of the sons of the mob boss, Steve, is intrigued by Carrie and asks her out to dinner. This role may, just may, be recurring. Watch this space...


Calling mysterious actors! (Do you know any?) A mystery man is appearing in an upcoming episode, the only thing known about him is his slight Hungarian accent!

Episode 3.13

Subway (yes the Sandwich store) feature in the episode, with a man who represents the chain trying to win over the anti-corporate Britta.
Also featuring is a man who represents Guinness in relation to World records, rather than alcohol!

Hope you all enjoyed the teasers this week, and check back next week for more teasers!



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