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Adams TV Teasers - 5th September - Part Two - Person of Interest, Castle, Glee, The Walking Dead & More...

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We have another ton of small snippets, teasers, spoilers, synopsis' and episode titles for you today. So many that there are two parts to the TV Teasers, with part one containing CSI, CSI Miami, Burn Notice, How I Met Your Mother & more... found HERE

Person of Interest

Episode 1.06 is called "Killing Zoe."

The titular character, Zoe is gorgeous, smart, tough, and confident, mysterious and enigmatic and is also an ex-lawyer who is a bit of a loner.
She is wealthy but she doesn't show it, her apartment is functional and cold.
Also in the episode is a retired cop brought back into action and a CEO of a pharmaceutical company.

Nurse Jackie

Episode 4.01 & 4.02

The recurring role of Laura is being cast who is a counsellor at a rehab center. She runs a tight ship and when it comes to rehab she is by the rules...
Also in the episode is John who is a badass with a tattoo that says "No Regrets." The producers want star names for this role!


Episode 4.06 is called "Demons."

A bit of additional casting news from the episode is the role of Bobby Bavetta who is a camera man on "Ghost Wranglers."

Parks & Recreation

Episode 4.06 is called "Meet N'Greet."

A role described as "good" is that of Martin Kernston who is the President of Pawnee Chamber of Commerce.
He is a powerful businessman but sadly has a terrible haircut. Ouch...

American Horror Story

Episode 1.04 is called "Halloween Part 2."

No news on the episode but it hints at perhaps maybe episode 1.03 is called "Halloween Part 1." Don't hold me on that one though :P


Episode 3.04

A few small bits of casting news in that there is a 14 year old boy called Pony coming up who is probably recurring and needs to be able to swim.
Also there will be three "Strange" roles of Mr. Shor, Mr Baroody & Mr. Danforth who make up three severe looking men in dark suits from "The Rotary Club." They also all own a funeral home. Jolly!


Episode 1.06 is called "Intrigue."

A small role is that of Friend 1 (Yes, that small) who is a rich and snobby teenage girl who gives Declan a hard time when he is talking to Charlotte on the beach.
Don't shoot me here if I'm wrong, but that doesn't sound like a description worthy of Friend 1...

The Walking Dead

Episode 2.09

In the episode is Dave who is a charming and friendly guy; the type who you would love to have a beer with.
Watch out though, as he can turn quickly dangerous!
Also Dave's younger friend is Tony who is quick tempered and less intelligent. He likes women, food and guns...


Episode 6.15 is called "Heeeeere's Lassie!"

The episode synopsis says that when Lassiter buys a haunted condo at the Overlook Gardens, Shawn & Gus have to work out if he's being victimized by someone... or if supernatural forces are at work!

Free Agents

Episode 1.06 is called "The Kids Are Probably Alright."

The guest starring role coming is Shauna Bristol, the current Miss Oregon who is caught in a scandal with incriminating photos of her.
She hires Helen to help clean up her image.

A Gifted Man

Episode 1.05

An upcoming role is Elinor, a tightly wound mother who is loving and loyal and wants to do right by her daughter. The role is powerful and full of emotion.
Make sure you have tissues ready for the episode then...

The Playboy Club

Episode 1.04 is called "Trouble In Makeoutsville."

The recurring role of Wade Evans is coming up; a sexy, mean and menacing ex-con who is Janie's husband.
He blames her for his incarceration and Janie is terrified when he shows up at the club.

Hawaii 5-0

Episode 2.06 is called "Ka Hakaka Maika'i"

The official synopsis states that the Five-O team investigates a Mixed Martial Arts-related murder.

Charlie's Angels

Episode 1.05 is called "Royal Angels."

Hope you like the teasers we have for you this week. Don't forget to check out part one of the TV Teasers HERE.

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