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Adams TV Teasers - 5th September - Part One - CSI, CSI Miami, Burn Notice, How I Met Your Mother & More...

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We have another ton of small snippets, teasers, spoilers, synopsis' and episode titles for you today. So many that there are two parts to the TV Teasers, with part two containing Person of Interest, Castle, Glee, The Walking Dead & more... found HERE

How I Met Your Mother

Episode 7.05 is called "Mystery vs. History."

Guest star for the episode is Janet McDonnell who is a beautiful, classy woman in her late twenties.
Ted meets her at a bar and quickly agrees to go out on a date with her.
They also make a deal not to Google each other before the date, which is one of the main storylines of the episode.

Blue Bloods

Episode 2.06 is called "Black & Blue."

The big guest star of the episode is Potter who is forceful African American man.
He is also a publicity hound and provocateur who is always stirring up trouble between the police and the African American community.
The official synopsis sheds some light of the storyline, with Jamie and Renzulli responding to an armed robbery at an African American church.

Criminal Minds

Episode 7.07 is called "There's No Place Like Home."

Look out for the unsub of the week, who is a thrill seeker who kidnaps young teenage boys.
I wouldn't want to tell you who he is, but if I say "Stoke" then the smarter UK readers may be able to work it out :P

Covert Affairs

Episode 2.14 is called "Horse To Water."

In the episode is Grace, who is a vet who breeds and cares for horses.
Her dad was also a former CIA agent currently in jail for treason. The question that remains is this... is she involved?

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Episode 12.05 is called "CSI Down."

The CSI team are investigating a man called Frank who appears to be a murder victim.
However he's also a double murder and coolly hijacks the Medevac helicopter taking him to the hospital in a dramatic episode.
Expect shootouts, deaths, no gas left in the chopper, morphine, a daughter and a death-trap.


Episode 1.07 is called "The Open Door."

The synopsis states that when Jared Baker is found dead on a jogging path, a sceptical Pierce investigates the "visions from God" that have enabled a 16 year old to start a cult.
The cult is known as the titular "The Open Door."


Episode 1.06 is called "Charity Case."

A couple of possible recurring guest stars, with Gladys who is a good friend of Tessa's and also just happens to be a homeless tranny.
The second is Cindy who is a blond bombshell who is Noah's assistant. She has been hired more for her looks than her dentistry skills.

Man Up!

Episode 1.08 is called "Camping."

Top of the show guest star alert in Kelly who is a girl next door who is hired by a drinks company to hand out samples at a video game launch.
She is won over by one of the main cast in a storyline sure to please fans of the new show.

Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea.

Once you've got over the terrible title, look out for Olivia as the producers are casting the young version of her already.
She has no lines to begin with, but could become recurring in the future. The role is around the ages of 8-9.

CSI: Miami

Episode 10.06 is called "By The Book."

The team investigate a murder at the estate of a famous Vampire Novel writer.
Could it be that a real life vampire is the culprit? Early signs suggest that it could... (Yeah, sure.)

Hart Of Dixie

Episode 1.07 is called "Homecoming & Coming Home."

Burn Notice

Episode 5.16

In the episode is George, a banker who has spent his whole professional life taking advantage of the Cayman Islands' loose tax laws.
He manages the money of many powerful and dangerous people, but the fact that he gets played may lead him to grabbing a gun...

Hope you like the teasers we have for you this week. Don't forget to check out part two of the TV Teasers HERE.

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