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The Walking Dead - Season 2 - Q&A with the Cast and Creators

On the survivors splitting up…
“Basically what you’re seeing … is just an intensification of the situation that they’re in, and how it is affecting all of the different people in the group. So the group is going to be pulling apart in different ways. Different people are going to be coming into conflict. And it’s just going to be an overall sense of just the ordeal that they’re all surviving through together.” – Kirkman
“Andrea doesn’t want to be there, OK? She wanted to go with the CDC. That was not her choice. Dale manipulated her a little bit. … I think that if there is a leader of the group that wants to go solo, I think it’s the natural impulse to want to go with that alpha male.” – Holden

On the high stakes…
“What’s cool is, it is scary to arguably lose a job if you die, but all I know, the way that you go out is probably going to be awesome, so hopefully you do it justice. And then you get another show!” – Yeun
“One of the big themes that does come up in Season 2 is, is it worth it, this desire to survive? What are we living for? What’s the point of—we’re trying to do all these different things to get to this next point—but where is that next point? We’ve lost everything. The world that we knew is gone.” – Bernthal

On killing zombies…
“We were all on the same page going in. It’s really nice when the standards and practices guy gives us notes like, ‘That was a really cool zombie kill,’ as opposed to, ‘You can’t show that on television.’” – Hurd

“At the end of the day, it really does boil down to blunt head trauma, basically. But you can certainly slice them and dice them in very clever ways before you get to that point. And we’re trying to come up with everything we can.” – Darabont

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