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Transporter - New Production and Casting News

Some production news, spoiled by german broadcaster RTL today.

Transporter is now heading to Toronto, where production will take place till nov. 2011.

There are also some german actors casted. RTL revealed their "tv-characters". here we go (picture; from left to right)

Hannes Jaenicke embodies a manic art collector named Kyber. The Transporter gets into a deadly conspiracy when he unknowingly delivering a fake picture.

Uwe Ochsenknecht plays the ruthless henchmen Frederick in the pilot episode , who is commissioned by a Russian crime boss, to kidnap the young Delia (Rachel Skarsten). The Transporter didnt suspect, that Delia will be his next cargo.

Charly Hübner will be a German car mechanic of the transporter in several episodes of the party. As a car freak and technology specialist, he ensures that Frank PS-strong special purpose vehicle is always ready.

(mostly translated via google translation. Google is so awesome!)

What do u think?

Source: Serienload