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White Collar - Jeff Eastin Tweets

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In the car on the way to the White Collar set, series creator Jeff Eastin (@jeffeastin) answered fan questions. Here's the best stuff. SPOILERS ENSUE

1. Episode 3.08 sounds Jones-centric. Jones will get a love interest in this episode also.

2. Andrew McCarthy who played Adler last season is directing this week.

3. Diana's girlfriend and June's granddaughter may appear again if the scheduling works out.

4. No plans for the Burkes to have kids.

5. Matt Bomer uses his real Texan accent in the next episode.

6. Tim DeKay will direct an episode.

7. Plans to shoot the season 4 premiere somewhere outside of New York. If there is a season 4. No plans to regularly shoot anywhere but NY because of production costs.

8. Look for goodies at the White Collar fan event at Com-Con.

9. June will continue to show up in the season. (I didn't know this was questionable.)

10. Look for Eastin in a cameo at some point.

11. Ideally, Eastin would like George Clooney to play Neal's father. Pierce Brosnan would be a good choice too.

12. The character of Lauren Cruz is gone for good. The actress is starring in another show.

13. Peter knows Mozzie's real name. (Huh? This one surprises me.)

14. Neal's family will be featured and take a larger role in season 4, presuming they are renewed which seems likely. The writers and Eastin have already started planning the season 4 arc. Eventually we will see Neal's parents. No word if that will be a flashback or not.

15. Eastin does occasionally read White Collar fan fiction and look at fan art.

16. They are scheduled for 16 episodes through the USA - Fox deal but Eastin hopes they can get 18 instead.

17. Diana's last name was supposed to be Lancing but the clearance was messed up. Her last name is spelled Barrigan.

18. Eastin's favorite episodes: Pilot, BOH, Free Fall, Hard Sell, Out of Box, Bottlenecked, Withdrawal, Copycat Caffrey, Front Man, Point Blank, Forging Bonds

19. Agent Blake will be in future episodes. (Sounds like he may be the new office/van sitter instead of Jones. Anything to get Jones into the action.)

You can see all tweets @jeffeastin on Twitter.

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