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Spoiler TV: The Best TV Show Competition 2011 - R2 - Day 18 - MASH vs Charmed & Burn Notice vs. Supernatural

Hey Guys,

The Second Round has claimed its first victims, and as a result we have to say goodbye to Castle which came within a few hours of defeating Chuck only to fall behind when it mattered. Both shows put up a fantastic battle and Chuck has perhaps claimed a stake in the competition that it could be one to reckon with. The X-Files had no troubles seeing off Flashforward, and for a poll which didn't get the online communities too excited it still managed over 700 votes and also has showed that it could be a big contender!

Today sees two polls sure to intrigue for different reasons; one has two old shows from different eras competing and the other has two of the shows with a huge online fan-base taking on each other. The questions that remain are can the critically acclaimed MASH find enough support to beat the ever popular Charmed and can Burn Notice find a way to put up a fight against the power-house that is Supernatural? Both questions remain to be seen...

The rules for, for anyone new to the competition are very simple. There will be new sets of shows against each other every day in a new set of polls... simply vote for your favourite and the show with the most votes will win that days poll and head into the next round.

Don't forget to spread the word, and tweet out the competition to friends as well as facebook liking the post...
Also if you are taking part in the prediction competition, don't forget to follow your scores HERE At the top Sergey Sevostianov continues to dominate, taking a three point lead with 34 points, yet a pack of three on 31 points including STV regular 'Dahne' are keeping him hot on his heels. Also worthy of note is STV admin 'b3rt4' is in joint 6th place on 30 points and keeping himself in contention!

All that's left to say, is good luck to every show...
... and let the battles begin!

Round 2

MASH vs. Charmed

Seasons: 11 (1972-1983)
Major Awards: 14 Emmy Wins, 95 Emmy Nominations & 8 Golden Globe Wins, 14 Golden Globe Nominations
2010 Competition Placing: 27th

Seasons: 8 (1998-2006)
Major Awards: N/A
2010 Competition Placing: 44th

Burn Notice vs. Supernatural

Burn Notice
Seasons: 4 (2007- )
Major Awards: 3 Emmy Nominations
2010 Competition Placing: N/A

Seasons: 6 (2005- )
Major Awards: 3 Emmy Nominations
2010 Competition Placing: 1st

Most Voted-In Polls:
1. Breaking Bad vs. The Vampire Diaries - R1 - 2046 votes
2. Dexter vs. Supernatural - R1 - 1922 votes
3. Castle vs. Chuck - R2 - 1759 votes

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Round 2
Day 17 - Castle vs. Chuck & Flashforward vs. The X-Files

As always, enjoy the competition and don't forget to comment on who you voted for below so we can all agree/disagree with you!

Any queries email me at adamdharris@spoilertv.com

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Good Luck!