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Breaking Bad - Vince Gilligan - Hints to Season 5 being the last [Video]

Thanks to Bunky Bunk for sending us the following.

Here is an interview from Breaking Bad creator, executive producer and writer Vince Gilligan.

It took place in Paris a month ago, as a part of an event called the 'festival Séries mania'.

This 71 minute interview isn't just about Breaking Bad, it's also about the rest of Vince Gilligan's career (his writing debut on X-Files for instance). He talks about his influences and motivations on Breaking Bad. Gilligan is very interesting to listen to.

Vince Gilligan doesn't give away spoilers about the 4th season of Breaking Bad aside from saying the show (and Walter) will get darker, even if they still try to include humor whenever they have the possibility to do so.

Gilligan also hints about a possible ending of Breaking Bad at the end of the 5th season. It's definitely not a sure thing but for now, it seems he's inclined to end Breaking Bad in 2012.

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