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Get your show on the SpoilerTV Banner - FOX Edition [CLOSED]

Update: 07:50 Voting is now closed and any new tweets will not be counted. Final Results will be posted shortly.
Update: 14:00 We currently have 510 (ish) votes for Lie To Me to remove.
Update: 12:30 As a reminder to those of you who are cheating the system Rule 8 states

"You must only tweet exactly what is generated by the Button, Adding extra text or changing it will discount your Tweet when we do the final count. "

A few days ago we started our search for which shows would appear on a new SpoilerTV Banner that we're designing. You can read about it and the rules here.

The first show that has won a place onto the banner is Supernatural. You can see the results at the time I took the reading below.

Today it's the turn of 8 FOX Shows. Only 1 can win a place onto the banner.

So get Tweeting!