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Smallville - Latest from Fancast - 16th November 2010

It wouldn’t be the final season of ‘Smallville‘ if Clark’s mother didn’t put in an appearance (or more). To that end, Fancast has learned that original cast member Annette O’Toole will reprise her role of Martha Kent in Season 10’s 13th episode, titled “Beacon.”

A show rep also has confirmed for Fancast a return timetable for Allison Mack, who is only booked for five episodes this season: The actress will be back as Chloe in Episode 12, “Collateral.”

Both episodes will air in early 2011.

In tandem with real-life hubby Michael McKean (as Perry White), O’Toole last appeared in the May 2010 episode “Hostage,” where it was revealed that Senator Kent was moonlighting as the mysterious Red Queen out to outsmart Checkmate. At the end of that episode, Martha gifted her son with what would later be revealed as (gooseflesh alert!) Clark’s first “supersuit,” currently entombed in the Fortress Of Solitude.

O’Toole also can be seen delivering a terrific guest-starring turn on the Nov. 22 episode of Fox’s ‘Lie To me.’

Mack dropped down to recurring status this season to pursue other projects, including a Broadway play that kept her busy late summer/early fall. As such, Chloe – having seen a glimpse of the future with Dr. Fate’s helmet – sacrificed herself to be taken prisoner and spirited away by the Suicide Squad in the season opener.

Source: Fancast