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Latest from Fancast - Various Shows - 16th November 2010

Thanks to Perlnoir for the heads up.

Can we expect a really big Tiva moment on ‘NCIS‘? – Michaela
In a word, yes. In 50 words: “Like Tony, ‘Tiva’ fans have been teased by several references this season to a mysterious man Ziva is acquainted with in Miami,” ‘NCIS’ executive producer Shane Brennan tells me. “This ‘Miami Man’ could be Washington-bound before the end of the season, and his arrival is sure to cause a stir for the NCIS team – particularly Tony.”

Can we get some ‘NCIS: LA‘ scoop – specifically in regards to Kensi and Deeks? – Lori
The partners in crimesolving (but potentially more) have “some fiery moments” coming up, promises series creator Shane Brennan. For one, “Kensi will reveal a previous relationship that will shock Deeks.” Also, Shane teases, “Watch for a close encounter between the fun pair that crackles with romantic possibilities.”

It would be really great if you could tell us anything about ‘CSI‘ – especially if it’s about Marg Helgenberger and her character Catherine. – Erica
I come to you not with just anything but lotsa things. I’ve been told that a soon-to-surface secret from Catherine’s past will not only shock the CSI team but also threaten her relationship with Vartann – perhaps even pushing her into the arms of another man. Oh, but that’s not all. An upcoming episode will trap Catherine on the 10th floor of an office building that has been booby-trapped by the same person who bombed the police funeral in the season opener.

Any scoop on my favorite new show, FX’s ‘Terriers‘? Britt and Katie broke my heart last week! – Jen
If their break-up wrecked you, wait until you see Katie say goodbye to their dog this Wednesday at 10/9c. (By the way, you don’t really think Britt is going to let the guy his fiancĂ©e bedded in a drunken stupor get away unscathed, do you?) The focus of this week’s terrific episode, though, is a flashback to the case that ruined Hank’s career as a cop, as well as crippled his marriage. Donal Logue rocks, that is all.

I’m disappointed about ‘Undercovers‘ being canceled, but frankly I always thought it was a better fit for USA Network. Any chance they’ll pick it up? – Yvette
Under any other circumstances, the Blooms would be most welcome characters at USA, but an insider tells me that with ‘Covert Affairs’ – another romantic action thriller revolving around CIA agents – already on the slate, the consensus is the series’ themes would overlap too much.

Michael J. Fox was – not surprisingly – so, so good on ‘The Good Wife.’ Will Louis Canning be back? – AlmondJune
CBS isn’t confirming an encore just yet, but I’ve heard from one source that Fox will likely make another appearance before the end of this season.

What can you tease about ‘Smallville‘? – Apple Tech
I can tease that Aquaman’s wife, Mera (played by Elena Satine), doesn’t enjoy the warmest welcome from a certain intrepid lady reporter in this Friday’s episode, which was directed by Tom Welling. Could it have to do with Lo’s onetime flirtation with the fishy fella? (If that ‘Smallville’ scooplet didn’t bait you, keep your eyes locked on Fancast.com later this morning!)

Any scoops on Mark Dacascos (’Iron Chef America’) playing Wo Fat on the new ‘Hawaii Five-0‘? Will martial arts play a huge role for his character? – Natalie
So… you want the skinny on Fat? [Stifled guffaw] I have been assured that the modern-day incarnation of the big baddie will, one way or another, give McGarrett’s team a run for their money when he surfaces on Dec. 13. And surely it’s no coincide they cast an expert in karate and kung fu?

I’m telling you, a few more seconds and Cal/Gillian would have kissed in last week’s ‘Lie To Me‘! What is next for them? – Hilla
What’s next for the would-be couple is that Cal will acquire a “wife” when Annette O’Toole (’Smallville’) delivers a wonderful guest-starring turn in the Nov. 22 episode.

I’m a recent convert to ‘90210‘ – any scoop on what’s coming up? – Lainie
You may have heard that Abbie Cobb (a guest star on this Friday’s ‘Medium’) is joining the series in January as Annie’s cousin, Emily (no, not Valentine), and that said relative will hit the Hills hot to sabotage Annie’s life. Well, part of Em’s plan will involve dropping quite the bombshell on her kin, and at the worst moment. Also, watch for the new year to bring new trouble for Naomi when she (or at least her bank account) is dazzled by a dynamic lifestyle guru.

Will Hawkes get a love interest this season on ‘CSI: NY‘? – Julia
That was the good word from series boss Pam Veasey during this Q&A, but there’s nothing to tease just yet. As Pam said, any such new romance would develop “in the back of the season.”

Got anything good about the upcoming episodes of ‘Sons of Anarchy‘? Should we be worried about characters getting whacked? – Charlie
In this week’s episode, Jax gets emotionally whacked – not once, but twice – after he finally tracks down his son. As for physical whackings, things look pretty grim for Tara. Could her scrappy streak be just what the doctor ordered to save her bacon? Also, there’s this: Girl-girl kiss alert!

Do you know anything more about Audra McDonald’s upcoming return to ‘Private Practice‘? – Nina
Thus far, only that because Naomi hasn’t been on hand for the very worst of Charlotte’s rape aftermath, “a really wonderful relationship develops between us,” KaDee Strickland previews. “And I’m really excited about that.”

I vote for some ‘V‘ scoop to help tide us over for the rest for the long wait. – clairethebelle via Twitter
‘V’s January 4 return still seems an eternity away, right? Oh, those silly ‘Skating’ stars…. Remember what I previously Tease’d about Sarah, the love of Hobbes’ life whose vanishing sent him down his dark path? Well, she is what Marcus is using to compel Hobbes to play for both teams. “He’s caught right in the middle,” previews Charles Mesure. “Hobbes wants to be 100-percent behind Erica and the resistance, but Marcus and the Vs have a lot of leverage over him now.”

Even though your new screener for ‘The Closer‘ came with a “Do Not Reveal…” warning, is there anything you can share? – Cate
I think it is safe to reveal that the Dec. 6 episode, which kicks off the TNT series’ brief winter run, starts with a scary, well choreographed skirmish; Sharon Raydor is one crafty, um, character; and Brenda apparently can accomplish a lot, sexually, in just five minutes.

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