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Top 5 "Feel Good Shows" On Netflix To Watch!

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Have you ever wondered just what it means to have a 'feel-good' tv show to watch? When you're tired and drained from all the intense thrillers, mind-bending murder mysteries, or even the latest episode of that one reality show you can't get enough of... until it gets to you! That's when you look for something that's lighthearted and fun, a one hour show you want to devote to absolutely nothing stressful or nail-biting at all (though some episodes in the shows featured here have had their moments!) and yes, we've all read the lists before, scrolled through Reddit for rec's, endlessly searched for similar shows to ones you've watched already. I'm here to tell you that those lists are right - when it comes to just wanting to lay back with a loved one or your whole family, or even by yourself on a quiet Saturday evening, in no particular order of course, these 5 shows on Netflix should definitely be on your watchlist!

#1 Bridgerton -

What is there to say about one of Netflix's most popular shows of all time? Think of it as a Regency Era version of "Gossip Girl" but in its own unique way! The show is set in the early 1800s, in an alternate timeline where King George III's reign in London had established racial equality and bestowed aristocracy for African-Americans, thanks to his wife Queen Charlotte, who rules the country in present day when the show begins. It's a show centered around the Bridgerton family - eight siblings and their mother, the Viscountess - as they navigate the "Ton" (a.k.a London's Society) with their friends, rivals and romantic interests! Not to mention, it's full of intrigue, drama, scandal and gossip, all centered around the mysterious Lady Whistledown who publishes newspapers complete with every single juicy detail that reveals everyone's secrets, sparing no one!

Based on the book series by Julia Quinn, Shonda Rimes has already filmed three seasons centered around the various Bridgerton siblings, with a prequel origin show that was released in 2023, as well as a fourth season that's currently in development! Filled with a star-studded cast, with names such as Jonathan Bailey, Simone Ashley, RegĂ©-Jean Page, Golda Roshuvel, Adjoa Andoh, Phoebe Dynevor, Luke Newton,  Nicola Coughlan, Ruth Gemmell and so many more, the show is beloved by everyone around the world! If you're looking for an enjoyable series with epic love stories - and even more epic song covers - then Bridgerton is the show for you!
#2 Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story -

After the popularity of Bridgerton exceeded all of the ratings and viewership numbers, there was only one thing left to do - create a spinoff prequel series! Based on Golda Roshuvel's portrayal of Queen Charlotte, Shonda Rimes introduced us to a younger version of the beloved character played by India Amarteifio as the show chronicled her marriage to Corey Mylchreet's King George III. For anyone who has watched the original series and has questions about about the history of how we get to the timeline we see in Bridgerton, or about the love story between Charlotte and George, or even a curiosity about some of the other characters, then this is the show to watch! Not to mention, once you've binged through the three seasons of the mothership show and are in need of something to fill the time during the hiatus, what better option than to continue within the same universe?

And if that's not interesting enough, don't fret because you get to see a few of the original cast members as well; there's a split timeline that follows a present-day storyline with Queen Charlotte and all of her children, showing us what life is like for characters we've only heard about, but never really had the chance to meet until now! There may not be the gossip columns for society to deal with, but there's an exploration of various social themes such as racial equality, Charlotte's journey from wife to Queen, George's mental illness and what it means to be a woman in this era. It's a beautiful and moving tale which will certainly tug at your heartstrings! 

#3 Virgin River -

For anyone who is looking for something that's set in modern times, look no further than a show centered around Melinda "Mel" Monroe, a nurse practitioner and midwife who moves from Los Angeles to the quiet, homey town of Virgin River in Northern California. The series is set against the backdrop of what can only be described as quaint and charming, almost storybook-like, but it has its fair share of drama and romance as well! There's an entire ensemble of characters who make up the townsfolk, and it's a place where everyone knows everyone, including all of the secrets and gossip, but more than that, Virgin River shows you what it's like to be part of a community; one that is filled with people who care about each other, look out for their loved ones in their times of need, and come together to support the town whenever the opportunity arises. The series has a lot of heart, which shines through the cast. 

Based on a series of novels by Robyn Carr, the show is separate from the story told there, so it doesn't necessarily need to be read beforehand, but perhaps one will end up inspiring the other to be experienced! Led by Alexandra Breckenridge, who stars as Mel, the rest of the characters are made up of actors such as Tim Matheson, Annette O'Toole, Martin Henderson, Colin Lawrence and many more! There's certainly no shortage of characters and storylines to enjoy! With 5 seasons already under their belt - including a Christmas special two-parter last year, the show isn't slowing down anytime soon, as the sixth season is already underway, which means there's plenty of episodes to binge-watch while waiting for more to follow soon after! Love stories of all ages, balancing personal and professional lives, heartbreaking and heartwarming character moments, natural disasters even, there's something for everyone that will capture your attention! 

#4 Sweet Magnolias -

Friendship. Family. Romance. Those are but three of the focuses of "Sweet Magnolias" which is another book-to-tv-adaptation. Based on the novels by Sheryl Woods, the series follows three childhood best friends - Dana Sue, Maddie and Helen, who live in Serenity, South Carolina as they navigate their respective careers, young and teenage children, significant others and town drama that affects all those who live there. In three seasons, we've seen how the show touches upon another small town community, similar to Virgin River in some ways perhaps, but the core of this series is women who uplift each other, friendships that thrive and yet have their struggles, relationships that began in their younger days and have grown over the years. It's a beautiful depiction of how each character can shine in their highest moments and have the support of best friends who are more akin to sisters to each other, but at the same time also experience very realistic lows and disagreements, which are a natural part of life, all while juggling their families and love lives!

Starring Joanna Garica Swisher, Brooke Elliott and Heather Headley, the show's core three actresses are supported by an entire ensemble of their family members and townspeople, all of whom have their fair share of scandal and gossip! From teenage crushes to love triangles, ex-husbands and new loves, secret children, the show has it all - begin your watch because of any of these reasons, but stay for the 'Margarita Nights' that the three best friends are famously known for! And stay tuned for a fourth season that finished filming in May, which means it'll return to our screens sooner rather than later hopefully!

#5 Emily in Paris -

When the show first aired, it garnered a lot of praise and complaint at the same time; there was excitement but also critiques over the depiction of Parisians, but Emily in Paris is still a guilty pleasure for many people all around the world. An original romantic comedy that stars Lily Collins, the series follows Emily Cooper, an American marketing executive who moves to Paris as part of bringing an American perspective to her French counterparts. With a culture clash, language barrier and tumultuous relationships, the show is filled with a lot of different themes it depicts onscreen. And of course, being set in Paris, one can't overlook the gorgeous fashion that the show highlights, time and time again - whether it's the berets or jackets, there are showstopper looks from Emily herself as well as the other characters too! 

There's more to the series than just things that seem frivolous of course; it's a story about a young woman finding her place in a world she's unfamiliar with, in a different country, meeting new people and learning how to work with others, finding friendships and falling in love - not to mention having multiple love interests for that matter! With a supporting cast of Ashley Park, Lucas Bravo, Lucien Laviscount, Phillipine Leroy-Beaulieu, Camille Razat and more, there's potential for this tv show to become a fast favorite during the summer - and season 4 is set to air its first half just over a month from now on August 15th! 
Anjali S
Anjali is a reviewer for SpoilerTV - her favorite shows include 911, Walker, The Rookie, Supernatural, Doctor Who! When she's not watching tv, she spends her free time reading and writing. She is a newly published author; her first book was released in March 2024 and she hopes to keep writing more!

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