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The Acolyte - Teach/Corrupt - Review: The Roles Have Reversed

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Another week and another episode of The Acolyte to sit through. Last week gave me such hope as the episode was full of non-stop action. I had hoped we would get some follow up action this week but Teach/Corrupt was not that. 

Osha awakens to find herself at Qimir’s lair. She silently follows him but we know this Master fallen Jedi is aware of her presence. He goes to take a quick bath in a scene that I felt was unnecessary and just meant to show off his body more than him using his looks to help seduce Osha to the Dark Side. Look, I love a good looking villain like the next fan girl, but it has to make sense and I do not think it worked; felt a bit forced.  

"Teach/Corrupt” – THE ACOLYTE, Pictured: Manny Jacinto as The Stranger. Photo: Lucasfilm LTD/Disney+ ©2024 Lucasfilm LTD. All Rights Reserved

Qimir and Osha spent all episode talking and dancing around whatever the point was of him wanting her. We see some pretty bad scars on him and are led to believe his previous Master (Vernestra perhaps) gave him the scars. He is clearly manipulating Osha who claims she is not so easily manipulated like her sister Mae but ends up putting on his helmet anyway. Either Osha is a very great actress or Qimir’s mind tricks are working and he is replacing Mae with Osha as his pupil. 

Speaking of Mae, she is pretending to be Osha on the ship with Sol. Osha’s droid and Bazil the tracker are clearly on to her and sabotage the ship in an attempt to trap her. That doesn’t work and it looks like she is finally about to get Sol to spill his guts when it is revealed that he knew she was Mae all along. 

We are no closer to the big reveal of the truth of what happened when the twins were little and why Qimir is our big bad. The roles of the girls seem to have reversed with Osha perhaps turning to the Dark Side and Mae may soften once she hears the truth from Sol - which I hope happens next episode. 

"Teach/Corrupt” – THE ACOLYTE, Pictured: Lee Jung-jae as Master Sol. Photo: Lucasfilm LTD/Disney+ ©2024 Lucasfilm LTD. All Rights Reserved

Sol did manage to get a distress signal out and a search party was sent to the planet. We saw the whip lightsaber but it was only used to kill a bug from the planet. Another waste of something I was very excited about. I am hoping we get to see the weapon used in more action later in the season. Although, I do believe this weapon is what gave Qimir his scars. 

Overall the episode lacked action and was more dialogue heavy. There was a lot of dialogue but no explanation or movement forward for the storyline. The episode just felt like a waste after such great action last week. What did you think of the episode Acolyte fans? Leave a comment and remember to connect with me on X @jereereviews to discuss even more.

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