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How many UK channels will the Premier League air on in 2024/2025?

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The Premier League is without doubt the biggest football league in the world, widely regarded as the home to the best clubs and players in the world as well as being the most competitive. It is home to the most watched football match in the world between Liverpool and Manchester United. It’s estimated that over 1 billion people watched the Premier League last year, which is an insane number. It’s no surprise then that this is certainly a very lucrative league for broadcasters, reportedly making £3.2 billion in revenue in the 22/23 season. And so what we’re going to look at today is how many different channels you’ll be able to watch the Premier League on in the upcoming 2024/25 season, so that you know where to watch your favourite team here in the UK. You also have the option to stream live sports online if you make a bet that qualifies you to do so. The two big players with the biggest slices of the pie, respectively, are Sky Sports and TNT (formerly known as BT Sport). Between the two of them, they have been given five live TV packages, which gives them the exclusive right to stream matches.

How many matches will they show?

Sky Sports has rights to four of the packages, which gives them around 140 matches. These range between weekends and weekdays, as well as at varying times of the day. Additionally, for the first time ever, they have exclusive rights to show all of the 10 games played at the same time on the final day of the Premier League season. BT/TNT Sports have the rights to the remaining package. When it comes to the biggest broadcaster in the country, the BBC, they again have rights to all of the highlighted matches in the form of Match of the Day, which is aired in the evenings.

How long does the deal last?

This deal has only recently been signed between the Premier League and the two broadcasting giants and will stay in place under the current terms and conditions right through 2029. This is bad news for any other broadcasters that want a piece of the pie, but good news and good business for both of them. It means that if you want to watch the majority of the Premier League matches in this upcoming season, you will need an account and a live subscription with both Sky and TV.

What about Amazon Prime?

The last broadcaster that has rights to live Premier League matches, which is only a recent entrant and is tiny in comparison to Sky and TNT, is that of Amazon, namely the Prime facility. In this upcoming season, they have the rights to a total of 10 matches, which are mainly concentrated around the festive period. What is slightly different about them is that they are purely a streaming platform. And so they don’t have a channel available on Freeview or Sky, for example. And so if you want to watch the matches being shown on Amazon, you will need a Prime membership as well as a platform to watch them on, such as a smartphone, tablet, or through the app on a smart TV.

In Summary

Hopefully, if you’re an avid fan of the Premier League or even football in general, this has shed some light on where you can catch all of the action from the top Premier League matches this season. And if you miss out on any of the matches, remember, you can always watch Match of the Day for the highlights for free on the evening of any day of Premier League matches.
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