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Walker - See You Sometime (Series Finale) - Review: The Final Curtain!

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Here we are folks! For better or worse, (and a little late in posting this since I'm down with a cold, apologies!) we made it to the end of CW's "Walker" which ran for four seasons and 69 episodes; with its highs and lows, its fair share of guest star's galore, character arrivals and character goodbyes, a spinoff which deserved more love and more seasons too, there was still a definite love for the show and however we feel about it, I think it's safe to say that as a series finale, this episode did good. I for one am glad that they didn't go all out with a crazy cliffhanger or leave things horribly unresolved or not tie up all the loose ends - we did have one very interesting aspect which I will get to... but it's a relief to have had the extended finale with no alternate ending reshot? At least for me, I'd say that despite all of the possibilities and unanswered questions about the "what next" if there was a season 5, there's still a sense of closure for the characters and that's enough too.

And on a quick personal note, it's been an amazing experience to get the chance to review a show that's been a favorite of mine since the very beginning and even though I came in at the end, I couldn't have asked for anything better to keep writing about week after week - for 13 episodes straight! Alright, alright, now onto the finale before I get all weepy and sappy; I already did that last week didn't I? 

"See You Sometime" - WALKER: Pictured: Jared Padalecki as Cordell
Walker: Rebecca Brenneman/The CW© 2024. All Rights Reserved.

The episode was mostly a two-pronged storyline at the start of it, with Walker making the rounds to apologize to his near and dear ones - his kids and Geri, who were the closest people affected by the aftermath of his kidnapping and previous obsession-turned-addiction with the Jackal case. They made it a point to focus on the one-on-one scenes that he had, first with Augie at the very beginning while they're getting ready for Augie's graduation and it was interesting to see the difference in that scene and the one with Stella later on when Walker goes to meet her at her dorm. The whole season has gone to great lengths to not only show just how similar this father-daughter duo are, but they also don't forget to keep telling us about it as well and at the end of the day, both Stella and August just want their dad to be the kind of person who shows up to where he said he'd be, keep the promises that can be kept; a balance between work life and personal life is something we all have seen Cordell struggling to maintain time and time again, but it seems as if things were going to be changed after everything was said and done.

We get to see Cordell making his speech at Augie's graduation about how he needed to learn how to let go of his son, who has grown up into a man and is capable of making his own decisions and will move on into the "real world" now, but perhaps we can also try and see it in a way that Cordell was talking about himself too? Trying to move on from everything that happened and live his life with his family, separating the work aspect of things, even if it was only temporary for the summer. (Or would it have been a little longer than that per Anna Fricke's post-finale interview?) and even though it was just a small scene towards the end of the episode, we did get to see him going to talk to Cassie, which I think went about as well as it could have gone - the time apart would definitely be something they needed for each other and one can be hopeful to imagine that eventually they would have found some common ground to be friends again? 

"See You Sometime" - WALKER: Pictured: Jeff Pierre as Trey Barnett:
Rebecca Brenneman/The CW© 2024. All Rights Reserved.

On the flip side of course was the final round of interviews between Cassie and Trey to see which one of them would get the Lieutenant promotion, but first I definitely want to highlight the scene with Cassie and Kelly! It has been heartwarming to see that in the face of such a terrible and heartbreaking loss, they didn't just tell us that Cassie had people in her corner; to take the time to show Geri being with Cassie at home as she went through all of the emotions over losing Luna, followed by Kelly showing up to just offer hugs and being by her side to watch Suits (Pearson Specter name drop!) and even Ben, who has dealt with his own share of loss... I think it helped us audience members a little bit, to witness the slow but gradual healing process that she's going through. And I don't know if it becomes a double-edged sword kind of a thing, because far be it for me to try and say that her getting the promotion and the new job was anything like a consolation prize for everything she suffered... the truth is that Cassie earned the Lieutenant title with all of her hard work and experience and dedication and commitment she's given to being a Ranger. 

It certainly opened up an interesting storyline that would have been explored in the future of course - Cassie would now be the one to whom Cordell and Trey reported to, as well as the opportunity to see James working side by side with Cassie! A partnership and friendship that needed to be explored further if you ask me! I don't think we had seen James with a second-in-command before, so the team dynamics would have been quite different to say the least! Also, knowing me, I have to point out the small moment when Cassie is setting up all of her personal belongings in her new office, (Hawk's Shadow collection on top of the bookshelf as its meant to be!) having her pin Luna's message to her from their karaoke date night - "I can't even look at you right now" made me tear up for sure and is doing the same thing right now as I am typing it lol - he's still a part of her and that was important to see! Thank goodness for Anna Fricke saying there was no real plan to get Cassie and Trey together, sorry not sorry, but I'm forever going to be a Cassie/Luna shipper! #DavidLunaComeBackToUs 

"See You Sometime" - WALKER: Pictured (L-R): Coby Bell as Larry James, Mitch Pileggi
as Bonham Walker, Kearran Giovanni as Kelly James, Molly Hagan as
Abeline Walker, Matt Pascua as Ben Perez:
Rebecca Brenneman/The CW© 2024. All Rights Reserved.

It all culminated in Augie's graduation party and the aftermath of that as well - we get to see all of our characters splitting up into smaller groups as they are wont to, each scene giving us a little tease of what was to come in the future for all of them in different ways - Geri with Stella and Sadie in the living room of the Walker ranch, talking about the Side Step 2.0 in OKC and how potentially they would have given us Sadie working there or perhaps even running the place? Second-in-charge? Anything to have kept Saylor Bell Curda around is a win for me! Ben and Liam were about to move in together which is definitely a happy thing to see... but more curious was their ending scene when Liam gets whisked away on a top-secret assignment to help the Governor! (SPOILER ALERT: apparently it was something about his missing daughter and high stakes political involvement for Liam? Walker's second spinoff right here maybe?)

Abeline and Bonham were patched up and on the same page about their idea for retirement finally it seemed; they were not going to be two very hands-on people with the event planning business, most of the day-to-day stuff I assume - including the bride-of-the-week - would have been handled by Ben and not Abby herself, (literally the new show is writing itself here, think of the possibilities people!) but Bonham would be around to lend his boat out to couples when the time came! And it was wonderful to see the two of them taking their well-deserved boat ride together. That is a couple one roots for, even if they're already endgame! 

"See You Sometime" - WALKER: Pictured (L-R): Odette Annable as Geraldine Broussard,
 Jared Padalecki as Cordell Walker: Rebecca Brenneman/The CW© 2024.
All Rights Reserved.

Speaking of endgame, just before heading out for their family vacation, we get a glimpse of what Cordell might have been planning in terms of his future with Geri - a ring box slipped into his jeans pocket suggests that he would propose at some point, but given all of the ups and downs that they have been through this season, and knowing that yes, they have come out of it together on the other side... it definitely seemed as if they were still not quite yet on the same page, so would Geri have said yes? Well... let's leave that to our imaginations and think that maybe by the end of season 5, we would know for sure? I think that it's good we didn't get the actual proposal scene, that would have been far too rushed and not the right call for them - there was more work for Cordell to do: in terms of how he needed to be as a partner to Geri yes, but also to heal himself and figure out what his next steps were on a professional level and personal as well. Somewhere down the line, that's an ending we can picture!

And as it was mentioned very briefly at the beginning of the episode, viewers were in for a surprise when we all got to see just who it was that finally had moved into the Davidson's family ranch; none other than James Van Der Beek himself! Talk about a cool cameo! Of course it was also a complete head-scratcher of a moment one could say, given we had no idea or inkling about who this new character was - but given that Anna Fricke mentioned "kooky cult leader" I think it's safe to say that we got our introduction to what would have been the fifth season's new antagonist? Hey, at least we have fanfiction to tide us over now that the show has finished right? (P.S - who else loved the Twilight shoutout! That got a laugh from me!)

"See You Sometime" - WALKER: Pictured (L-R): Keegan Allen as Liam
Walker, Violet Brinson as Stella Walker, Saylor Bell Curda as Sadie Yoo:
Rebecca Brenneman/The CW© 2024. All Rights Reserved.

Time to turn it over to you all lovely folks one last time now! What did you think of the series finale? Was there anything that you thought needed to have been answered before we cut to black? How many people are up for a Liam/Ben + Abby spinoff which deals with the kidnapping storyline but also has hilarious shenanigans for the event planner duo every week? Who here figured out that JVDB was surely playing a cult leader based on his outfit alone - or did the basket of handmade soap do the trick? I for one was completely baffled to be honest. I will leave the final words and thoughts and comments to you guys! Thank you for letting me review this show to the best of my abilities... it's not goodbye, it's more of an... until the next one! 

Anjali S
Anjali is a reviewer for SpoilerTV - her favorite shows include 911, Walker, The Rookie, Supernatural, Doctor Who! When she's not watching tv, she spends her free time reading and writing. She is a newly published author; her first book was released in March 2024 and she hopes to keep writing more!

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