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‘Van Helsing’ Series In The Works At CBS

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This sounds intriguing! Van Helsing has always been a compelling character, and it's exciting to see a new interpretation. With Jonathan Lee, known for his work on "Lockerbie," at the helm, the series has the potential to offer a fresh take on the classic vampire hunter. The fact that CBS won the rights after a competitive auction suggests there is high confidence in the project's potential.

Here are some key points about the new Van Helsing series in development at CBS:

Executive Producers: Rob Doherty (creator of "Elementary"), Carl Beverly, and Sarah Timberman.

Studio: Lionsgate Television.

Plot: The series is a contemporary take on Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, reimagining him as a crime-fighting monster hunter in New York City. He partners with his ex, Mina Harker, who is a relentless FBI special agent.

Characters: Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, known for his uniquely inquisitive mind, and Mina Harker, his ex and an FBI special agent.

This combination of supernatural elements with crime-solving in a modern setting could create a unique and engaging series. The involvement of Rob Doherty, who successfully brought a modern twist to Sherlock Holmes with "Elementary," suggests that this new series will blend classic literary elements with contemporary storytelling effectively.

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