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The Acolyte - Lost/Found & Revenge/Justice Review : A Long Long Time Ago

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“The Acolyte” is the latest Star Wars story set about a century before Luke Skywalker and takes from material that can be found in comics, short stories and novels to appeal to the casual Star Wars fan. Even though some may not recognize these characters as they are removed from the main timeline of events that were made iconic, that does not mean the show is not entertaining. 

The first two episodes of this new saga made a good first impression with its martial arts fighting style and big named actors. What fan doesn’t love to hear the whoosh sound a lightsaber makes when activated? Throw in Carrie Ann Moss in the first episode giving sick martial arts moves and you have a recipe for success. 

"Lost/Found” – THE ACOLYTE, Pictured: Carrie Ann Moss as Master Indara. Photo: Christian Black./Lucasfilm LTD & TM ©2024 . Disney +. All Rights Reserved

However the stand out of course is the female lead, Amandla Stenberg playing twins. Her casting leads to little girls of color seeing themselves in a galaxy far far away. This type of representation was amazing to watch. Playing twins is no easy task even for any actor to take on but Amandla crushes it. 

She plays left-behind orphan Mae, the one committing the murders of seasoned Jedi Masters with the help of her own mysterious master in an attempt to avenge the sister she thought died perhaps or to avenge herself because she feels the Jedi left her behind in the fire that she caused. The reasoning isn’t quite clear but the Jedi stationed on her planet that night are definitely keeping a secret. 

"Lost/Found” – THE ACOLYTE, Pictured: Amandla Stenberg as Mae. Photo: Lucasfilm LTD./Lucasfilm LTD & TM ©2024 Disney+. All Rights Reserved

Jedi Padawan turned mechanic, the good sister Osha was initially thought to be behind the murders but soon discovers her sister survived the fire. She joins her former master, his new Padawan and old friend on the hunt to bring Mae to justice. Of course this causes conflict and she cannot harm her own sister. The audience is still in the dark as to why she chose to leave the Jedi order as well. 

The action sequences and the acting from Amandla were great but there were some flaws. I did not connect right away with Lee Jung-Jae’s Master Sol as well as the supporting cast. I do not feel the acting was that strong. Aside from not having enough Carrie Ann Moss, some of the writing seemed contradictory. In one scene Mae’s master says that you cannot kill a Jedi with steel, you will fail and he says that after Mae killed Indara with a knife. I thoroughly enjoy this female led story but the pacing seems to be rushed. 

"Lost/Found” – THE ACOLYTE, Pictured: Lee Jung-jae as Master Sol. Photo: Jay Maidmen./Lucasfilm LTD & TM ©2024 . Disney +. All Rights Reserved

A Wookiee Jedi teased at the end of the episode is something to look forward to. I just hope the show finds its footing in the remaining episodes because all the ingredients are there for an amazing show. As I said earlier it is a good first impression but not amazing but I am optimistic. 

What did you think of the first two episodes Star Wars fans? Leave a comment and let’s chat. Don’t forget to continue the conversation with me on X @jereereviews.

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