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My Adventures With Superman - Most Eligible Superman - Review: Enter Supergirl

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A lot happened in such a short time on this week’s episode of My Adventures With Superman. What started off to appear as a light hearted episode with an auction of Metropolis most eligible singles took a turn for the worse. It is amazing how they get so much in a twenty minute episode. 

Perry calls Clark and Lois into the office to assign them to the auction much to Cat Grant’s dismay as this auction has always been her story for years. As Perry points out Superman only speaks to Clark and Lois. The pair agree to do the story (and Cat weasels her way there as well) but first they also agree to make sure to keep their relationship a secret. 

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While on stage, Clark plays the single role a little too well which makes Lois green with envy. To make matters worse when Lois suggests that perhaps Superman is dating her, Cat laughs in her face basically saying she isn’t unique or important enough for Superman; she is too ordinary. All of this plays on Lois’ insecurities about the people in her life leaving her and she seemingly breaks up with Clark. She did have a point about their communication or lack thereof when they both finally tell the other what has been happening in their lives. 

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Meanwhile Jimmy has been avoiding Clark since not standing up to him with Lex Luthor. He bumps into Kara and the two end up spending the day together in a cute sequence. He shows her all the human things she has missed out on and the pair crush on each other. That is until they catch up with Clark and Lois at the auction and Kara finally reveals that she is Clark’s cousin. 

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She is on a mission to recruit him for her father and conquer the planet in the name of Krypton. We get to see Kara vs Clark and obviously Kara has been training for some time. This scene reminded of the live action fight between them on the CW’s Supergirl. Something that has always been a weakness of Superman is that he is not a trained fighter and always relies on his strength and powers to win. This was made clear as Kara easily beat him and took him away to her father. We did get to see her struggle a bit with what she was doing. 

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Kara has multiple suits. One is her superhero suit and another is a sick piece of armor that makes her look terrifying. She has her signature blond hair but the cut is updated to fit this style of animation. I am really enjoying her introduction to the series as the villain who will most likely have a redemption arc by the end of the season or next season. Also similar to the CW show Supergirl her and Jimmy having a romantic relationship is a nice touch. 

Courtesy of Warner Media

Overall I enjoyed the episode. This anime style suits the show well. There is a pretty near perfect balance of comedy, action and cutesy romance stuff. The show offers something for everyone. What did you think of the episode Superman fans? Leave a comment and remember to follow me on X @jereereviews.

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