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My Adventures With Superman - The Machine Who Would Be Empire - Review: Here’s Brainiac

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We finally get confirmation of who or what is pulling Kara’s strings this episode. When I saw the machines I figured it would be Brainiac but I had a little doubt due to his complete design overhaul. He does not look like the traditional Brainiac I am used to but this is a different style and version of Superman so I am not upset with the stylistic change to one of Superman’s greatest villains. Case and point, look at Lex Luthor. 

The episode was really good and perhaps my favorite of the season so far. Clark wakes up on Kara’s ship and they are in deep space. Of course Clark is upset and Kara explains that “father” and her are rebuilding the Kryptonian empire. We got some really great easter eggs during these scenes like the mention and a visit to Thanagar. 

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Clark turning blue with lighting and displaying new powers whenever he is enraged is a beautiful touch to this beloved character. Kara and Clark having an outer space snowball fight was so pure and is clearly building a bond between the cousins, setting the pace for what we know their friendship and family relationship to be. Although there are versions of Superman and Supergirl as in a romantic relationship. In Peter David’s Supergirl series, Linda Danvers (Supergirl) is married to Superman (Silver Age). I am glad that on this show they have made them cousins which is the most well known version. The scenes of them showing the other memories of Krypton and Earth added an emotional layer as well. 

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Kara shows some human emotions by keeping a locker filled with items from the planets she has visited and most importantly pictures from her time spent with Jimmy. Some teasing from her little cousin makes her blush. 

When Kara and Clark show up to Thanagar it is a wasteland and here is when we begin to see that Kara has been lied to by her “father” but before she can figure out what is going on robots show up to bring them in. We see the reveal of Brainiac and how he controls Kara. After he sends her away he tests Clark’s powers and we get to even more easter eggs - Green Lantern. When Brainiac reveals he evil plans and overpowers Superman we know the extent of the worlds he has conquered with the help of a mind controlled Kara as she breaks through his mind control and visits the planets she destroyed. 

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On her return she is greeted by Jimmy, Lois and another famous DC character - a super intelligent Gorilla. This episode was so great. It touched on all the emotional beats. Clark not wanting to call Lois his girlfriend could be for multiple reasons - to keep her safe from Kara or due to the fact when he last saw her they were on the verge of a breakup. Surely it is a good sign that she is on her way to try and rescue him. 

What did you think of the episode Superman fans? Drop a comment and remember to connect with me on X @jereereviews for more discussion about your favorite shows and movies.

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