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Michael Chernus Joins Peacock’s Limited Series ‘Devil in Disguise’ as John Wayne Gacy

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Press Release

Michael Chernus taking on the role of John Wayne Gacy in "Devil in Disguise: John Wayne Gacy" is a significant and challenging endeavor. The limited series “Devil in Disguise: John Wayne Gacy,” inspired by the 2021 Peacock docuseries, is produced by UCP. According to the official logline, the series will "peel back the twisted layers of Gacy’s life while weaving in the heartrending stories of his mostly gay victims; exploring the grief, guilt, and trauma of their families and friends; and exposing the systemic failures, missed opportunities, and societal prejudices that fueled his reign of terror."

This approach aims to provide a comprehensive and empathetic portrayal of the tragic impact of Gacy's crimes, while also highlighting the broader societal issues that allowed his actions to continue unchecked for so long. By focusing on the victims' stories and the failures of the system, the series seeks to bring a deeper understanding and awareness to these tragic events.

Given Chernus' diverse acting background, from "Severance" to "Orange is the New Black," he seems well-equipped to handle such a complex and harrowing role. This series promises to offer a profound exploration of a dark chapter in history, aiming not just to recount the horrors but to spark reflection and, hopefully, change. Are you interested in true crime dramas like this one?


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