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Interview With The Vampire - I Want You More Than Anything In The World - Review: Armand Finally Shines

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This week’s episode featured all the characters past and present but felt like an Armand episode and I did not mind that. I felt this whole season a disconnect with the character but it could have been my bias missing seeing a present day Lestat and Louis interact. “I Want You More Than Anything In The World” squashed that disconnect and I found myself enjoying Armand more and more. 

Last week when he showed his strength to Lestat was a highlight of the episode and now we have begun to peel back even more layers to him and it is clear he is hiding something from Louis and Daniel. I am very intrigued about what secret he is hiding behind those soul searching eyes. The confrontation is sure to be entertaining. 

So much happened in this hour, starting with Claudia opening her show playing a little girl who wants to be a bird and fly away. She is dressed like a baby doll and sings a popular tune that gets stuck in your head. The audience eats it up and Claudia hates it and the coven hates it for other reasons. They are jealous of her popularity of course but also because they hate Louis freedom and Claudia is close to Louis. 

"I Want You More Than Anything In The World” – INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE, Pictured: Delainey Hayles as Claudia. Photo: Larry Horricks/AMC ©2024. All Rights Reserved

Claudia becomes bored with the show and is punished by Armand who forces her to wear her costume day and night. Santiago challenges Armand in front of the coven due to his relationship with Louie. It is clear Armand is losing power of the coven as they say and do what they want without fear of him. 

All this happens as Louis and Armand struggle to define their relationship with the ghost of Lestat still in Louis' head. They play a back and forth of who is in control and who is not. When Louis joins the coven out at a restaurant, Santiago starts to mimic Louis and states his accent sounds Creole and not Chicagoan. Louis attacks Santiago showing great power I did not realize he had as Armand freezes the entire room and the vampires. It was a great scene and finally showed that Louis was starting to show some strength - along with being able to start fires throughout the episode. 

Santiago plans a mutiny and steals journals from Louis' room that most likely detail his relationship with Lestat. I enjoy his and Claudia’s scenes and Ben Daniels plays it so well that you are unable to tell if he likes Claudia or is using her to help take over the coven. One thing is for certain, I do not think it will end well if he attempts to challenge Armand as in this episode when Armand catches him spying he is put in his place. 

"I Want You More Than Anything In The World” – INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE, Pictured: Ben Daniels as Santiago and Suzanne Andrade as Celeste. Photo: Larry Horricks/AMC ©2024. All Rights Reserved

Armand also shows Claudia who is in charge and he knows about Lestat after she is late for a performance because she is spending time with Madeleine. Madeleine is such an interesting character and her and Claudia’s relationship developing adds a new interesting element to this season as well. Claudia is desperate for a companion of her own and Madeleine is looking like the perfect one. Especially after Claudia and Louis fight over Armand with Claudia feeling like Louis picked another over her again.

The highlight of the episode had to be when Armand told Louis his history. How he was a slave and his time with maker Marius. Assad Zaman was beautiful in the scene and also haunting. He definitely has changed my perception of his take on the character in this episode. 

Another scene of note is when Louis and ghost Lestat are speaking in the park and Louis appears to finally have let go of Lestat. Sam Reid also played the scene beautifully with the look in his eye as if Lestat was really there as he began to fade. 

"I Want You More Than Anything In The World” – INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE, Pictured: Jacob Anderson as Louis De Point Du Lac. Photo: Larry Horricks/AMC ©2024. All Rights Reserved

Daniel is struggling to hide his knowledge from the Talamasca, letting it slip that he knew about the theater fire. He is also having visions of the past with Armand that he cannot quite piece together. More of this will be explored in the next episode. There is a mystery behind Louis and his photographs that causes tension between him and Armand. It is clear by the look on Armand’s face that he is hiding something. 

There are so many mysteries left to answer for the remainder of the season and all of it keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat. Next week is set to bring even more vampiric messiness. What did you think of the episode? Leave a comment and remember to follow me on X @jereereviews.

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