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Interview With the Vampire - I Could Not Prevent It - Review: A Heartbreaking Farewell

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If you have read the books or at least seen the film you know what happens to the vampires Claudia and Madeleine. That does not make what comes next any easier to watch, especially because the show does not follow the books word for word or plot for plot. The creators and creatives put their own spin on it and this episode did not disappoint. 

Louis, Claudia and Madeleine are on the stage in a mock trial play during the day for one performance only. They were kidnapped out of the restaurant and made to face their victim Lestat. The story is hard for Louis to tell to Daniel during his interview and he is emotional and will not stand for Daniel’s usual quips. 

"I Could Not Prevent It” – INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE, Pictured: Jacob Anderson as Louis De Point Du Lac, Eric Bogosian as Daniel Molloy and Assad Zaman as Armand. Photo: Larry Horricks/AMC ©2024. All Rights Reserved

They had to use powers to restrain the three and cut them to the bone. One of the more sinister acts was allowing the rats to bite at Claudia; her screams were terrifying to hear. The look of fear on Louis' face as Lestat approached and Lestat putting on the performance of his life until he finally decided to look at Louis. At that moment, it was over for the both of them. 

To hear Lestat and Louis' story told from Lestat’s point of view was mesmerizing. Louis realizes that he may be the villain as well in this story. He in fact was told that Claudia should not be made at her age and it would end horribly for her but he used Lestat’s love for him to get him to comply. Their brutal fight from the last season, Lestat did try to hold back but Louis had that menacing speech about killing him and Lestat snapped. 

Louis may also be a villain and manipulative but that does not justify Lestat’s actions. He knows this and offers a touching apology that Louis does not accept. While Lestat and Louis still played out their romance, Claudia was defiant this whole episode. She did not waver in her righteousness. She had every right to her feelings as she was made without her consent; she was not given the choice like Louis and Louis took away her power. 

Even when it is time for her to be sentenced and the audience chooses death she lets everyone in the room know that she will come after them in the afterlife. Madeleine is offered a choice as she is innocent in all of this. She chooses Claudia and Claudia finally knows what it means to be put first although she wishes that Madeleine would have chosen to live and be with the coven. 

When Claudia turns to Lestat and Louis and lets them know that even this moment isn’t about her but about their romance, the viewers could see the guilt on their faces. As a viewer you just hope someway she makes it out of this. When it is time for Louis to be sentenced Armand finally uses his powers to make the audience sentence him to banishment. Armand claims it took all his strength. An ancient vampire that can freeze everyone says “I could not prevent it” and I do not believe him. I think he wanted Claudia gone like Lestat to have Louis to himself. 

"I Could Not Prevent It” – INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE, Pictured: Rebecca Riisness as Guigonette and Sigismund Haggkvist as Male Guigonette. Photo: Larry Horricks/AMC ©2024. All Rights Reserved

Claudia and Madeleine are left in the middle of the stage as Louis is sent to be buried in a coffin under rocks to starve to death. When the sunlight hits them and they begin to burn and turn to ash, Claudia protects Madeleine. Claudia begins to sing her song from her play and before she dies she turns to look at Lestat who is clearly moved. As Armand points out, the last person she sees on Earth is him. I wish we had a least one episode showing Claudia and Madeleine's time away from Louis based off a journal entry perhaps. 

The episode was heartbreaking but the acting from Jacob Anderson, Sam Reid and Delainey Hayles was amazing. One of my favorite moments was when Lestat confronted a homophobic audience member. With a show of his powers, he put him in his place quickly and continued with the play. While I think the other coven members are following the ancient laws, Santiago’s motivations were that of pure jealousy of Louis since the moment he arrived. Painting him as some violent black man roaming the streets of New Orleans made me dislike him even more. 

"I Could Not Prevent It” – INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE, Pictured: Ben Daniels as Santiago. Photo: Larry Horricks/AMC ©2024. All Rights Reserved

The look on Lestat’s face as Louis was being dragged away as he knew what was coming next for Claudia as well was gut wrenching and part of me wished he was going to jump up and stop it. Yes he felt guilty but he also wanted justice for what was done to him. The writing does a fantastic job of hitting those emotional beats and as a viewer you are not sure who you want to root for. Louis and Lestat both are right and wrong. One thing that is for certain is next week’s season finale is a must watch. 

What did you think of the episode Interview with the Vampire fans? Leave a comment and remember to connect with me on X @jereereviews for more discussion.

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