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Exclusive Interview - Frank Huerta talks Cannes Film Festival Film "Gazer"

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Frank Huerta is an American actor and writer of Cuban and Puerto Rican descent. Originally from New Jersey, he has trained at some of New York City's most prestigious studios, including the William Esper Studio. 

Recently, Frank starred in Ryan J. Sloan’s film "Gazer," a classic thriller that captivated audiences at the Cannes film festival. The film, set in New Jersey and starring Sloan’s partner Ariella Mastroianni, follows the story of Frankie, a young mother with dyschronometria, a rare degenerative brain condition that impairs her perception of time, making it difficult for her to maintain steady employment. When a mysterious woman offers her a risky job, she accepts, unaware of the dark consequences that will follow. 

"Gazer" distinguishes itself not only through its Hitchcockian themes but also by being entirely self-financed and produced, a rarity for American films showcased at Cannes. In the film, Huerta plays Eddie, a local thug with a street vendor business. Eddie offers Frankie a job helping to sell stolen merchandise and jewelry, which ultimately lands him in trouble and forces him to shut down his operation. 

SpoilerTV’s Allie Berloco had a chance to sit down with Frank Huerta and chat about Gazer and much more. Check out the interview at the link below:

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