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Evil - How to Dance in Three Easy Steps - Review: We’re Fighting Witches Now

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This week’s episode of Evil is another banger. Just when we think we’ve seen it all and battled every type of evil there is, we get smacked in the face with something new. As our quick witted techie pointed out, now we have to battle a witch coven. 

The episode started out with the trio hard at work assessing a convicted murderer; a woman that was in prison for killing her own children. The reason the Church was called was because she would not stop dancing. While trying to get more information, David was called away by Father Dominic to help locate members of a Church in Africa; priests and nuns using his power of sight. 

David’s arc during this episode regarding his powers was very interesting. His ability to enter into the person he is “seeing” and feel their emotions has been touched on in previous episodes but during this episode he seemed to actually have more control over what that person does in the moment. The military dictator holding them captive turned the sword on himself after David’s prayer to God for help. This new power, while scary for David, I’m sure will come in handy later in the season. 

"How to Dance in Three Easy Steps” – EVIL, Pictured: Mike Colter as David Acosta. Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount+ ©2024. All Rights Reserved

As Katherine undergoes her exorcism, she dies and during the autopsy a tattoo is discovered. It is one of the demonic houses the Church thought they ended years ago. This information leads to Kristen and Ben getting more involved with David’s work with the Entity. I hope this leads to them both understanding what is happening is real. If they all get on the same page, they can better stop the threats. 

Their investigation leads them to a friend of Katherine’s named Megan, a fellow dancer who was kicked out of the group. She explains that the group were into Satanism. Turns out Megan was the one who killed Katherine’s children and framed her for the crime. She was into Satanism and Father Dominic confronts her, has her dragged off and it appears the house ended for good when it is crossed off the list/map. 

"How to Dance in Three Easy Steps” – EVIL, Pictured: Stella Everett as Isabella and Mike Colter as David Acosta. Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount+ ©2024. All Rights Reserved

I loved Kristen during this episode. She is seduced into this world by coven leader Isabella. When the trio attend a private dance show, David sees a ghost figure floating with them, a woman dressed in white. She whispers in David’s ear to let go of God. Later when Isabella invites just Kristen to join them in the woods she does so. The whole episode we see her being more interested in the group. She is dancing in the kitchen while making dinner (box mac n cheese, that upset me more than anything). While dancing with Isabella Kristen also sees the dancing woman in white. When David and Ben find her she doesn’t mention this to them. This development will most likely shake Kristen’s belief that none of this is real. I cannot wait to see the impact this has on her later in the season. 

Elsewhere, we had Kurt get told by a young book expert that his book is trash and he did not take the news well. He is saved by Kristen’s girls who while trying to make a online storybook for Timothy (Sheryl again has wormed her way back into their lives secretly allowing them to visit with Timothy) use Kurt’s story and some AI editing work, post his story and he goes viral. He wants to write more but has writer’s block, until he is visited by the dancing woman in white who whispers something in his ear and he begins to type passionately. 

"How to Dance in Three Easy Steps” – EVIL, Pictured: Katja Herbers as Kristen Bouchard and Stella Everett as Isabella. Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount+ ©2024. All Rights Reserved

Also, one of the best scenes in the episode, Sheryl realizes that Leland sent Andy after the girls and she is furious. She kicks in his door and begins to destroy his home. When he returns home she is waiting for him with a knife. It is insane all of this is happening behind Kristen’s back and when she finds out the acting we are about to get will be chef’s kiss. David developing these supernatural powers is most intriguing as well. Not sure what happened with Ben’s demon but I can take a guess that we have not seen the last of it. 

What did you think of the episode Evil fans? Drop a comment and remember to also connect with me on X @jereereviews to keep the conversation going.

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