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Walker - Witt's End - Review: Like Father, Like Daughter...

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Hey everyone! I figured that before getting to the review, I should probably say a quick word about the news we just got yesterday - unfortunately, there isn't going to be a fifth season of our beloved show much to everyone's dismay; I really thought if nothing else, there was an opportunity to wrap the story up with one final run, but this is the world of television and amidst all the cancellations and chaos, at least we can say that we were able to get four wonderful seasons! Almost 70 episodes even and that's definitely a feat worth being proud of! So let's do our best to enjoy the last few weeks of the show we have and give it the farewell it deserves - I for one am thankful to have gotten the chance to review all of these episodes and I hope to catch you all on the other side for another tv show in the future perhaps? In the meantime, let the review commence!

First things first, I have to say - when I saw the episode title, it seemed like a fairly obvious given that perhaps Witt was not going to make it out of tonight's.... shall we say... shenanigans... alive... but, as it turns out, they were basically just saying goodbye to his character and sending him on his way, because now the big bad mysterious lady he's been working for has set her eyes on Stella! It's a good thing that things are finally finally moving in the right direction We got to meet Joanna at last, when Witt was kidnapped and beaten to prove that she means business and is dangerous in her own way; her motivations for the necklace haven't been revealed yet, but her phone call with Stella definitely proved that she knows everything she needs to in order to hurt the Walker clan if things don't go according to her. Hopefully we can have things move little more faster now that we only have a handful of episodes left, to wrap up this Ophelia Rawlins storyline; I would definitely not want everything to end in a frustrating cliffhanger with no resolution, but thankfully, at the end of the episode, Stella has a real actual clue as to where the necklace is. In this house we must say a quick prayer for Denise who was holding the answers in her the entire time! Because of course Hoyt hid his letter to Geri - as well as Cordell's letters to his kids - in the back of his prized taxidermied boar (or is Denise a deer? I forget) and this revelation could not have come at a better time! 

"Witt's End" - WALKER, Pictured (L-R): Jeff Pierre as Trey Barnett, Coby Bell as Larry James,
Ashley Reyes as Cassie Perez, Justin Johnson Cortez as David Luna, Jared Padalecki
as Cordell Walker: Rebecca Brenneman/The CW© 2024. All Rights Reserved

Honestly, one of the two best things to come out of this episode - I'll get to the other one in a bit - is the fact that I can unabashedly say that August Walker is the MVP of this entire season! He's the only one who has been thinking clearly, rationally, been the voice of reason, he's just trying to do the right thing; and not only with his sister, but with his father as well as we clearly saw in tonight's episode! That kid deserves a break and a nap, but on a much more serious note, it was really heartwarming, but also emotional to see how Augie did everything he could to try and help Walker break out of the "tunnel vision" obsession that he had developed while the Jackal case continued to consume every waking moment of his life. We got a chance to witness a few scenes of father-son bonding over photographs, over Emily, over trying to just... be in the moment, even if it didn't last as long as it should have, or even as pleasantly... but kudos to Augie for doing what no one else had been able to accomplish - get Walker outside of his murder board investigation room for even a minute! 

And over on the Jackal side of things, we learned quite a few important pieces of information, the main one being that Gary Boyle, who was suspected to be the serial killer himself, was dead - perhaps a victim of convenience for the Jackal; he needed a lair to work out of unnoticed and an abandoned zoo that no one would ever visit seemed to be the best way to go about it. I knew it wasn't going to be as simple as Boyle being the one they were looking for, but at least now that he's eliminated off the suspect list, they can zero in on another person... soon? I can be hopeful! And hey, if Luna is sticking around in Austin and joining the Police Department there, then there's definitely still a chance that the team will have a breakthrough sooner rather than later. 

"Witt's End" - WALKER, Pictured: Justin Johnson Cortez as David Luna:
Rebecca Brenneman/The CW© 2024. All Rights Reserved

Also, if it isn't obvious by now, that is the second highlight of tonight for me personally. Just getting to see a little bit of domesticity between Cassie and Luna as the episode opened up to their morning after, with all the right beats of flirting, drinking coffee, lots of smiling and just... lightness... for both of them... it was really a breath of freshness I enjoyed! They're happy together and Luna got his blessings from Ben and Liam when the foursome met at the Side Step for a double date! Call me a softie, but it was definitely swoon-worthy to hear Luna waxing poetic about everything that he likes about Cassie, and even though for a moment things seemed to get real intense when the topic of their future came up and where they'd both end up - Corpus or Austin or both - the question was very realistic coming from Ben and something that we the audience were thinking about too. Luckily for Cassie (and us! or only me?) we had a lovely scene with the two later that night over wine and a puzzle, for Luna to reveal that his transfer request was approved! Now that is a man worth holding onto! Things are quite serious between them, what with Cassie even calling him her "boyfriend" and now his decision to stay, but there's zero complaints about this from my end!  

"Witt's End" - WALKER, Pictured: Keegan Allen as Liam Walker: Rebecca 
Brenneman/The CW© 2024 All Rights Reserved

While we didn't get to see Bonham and Abeline this week, it does look like Geri's making her return from OKC in the next episode. Also, did anyone catch Walker's lines to James at the end when he gets caught working on the murder board at HQ seemingly being word for word the same thing that James had said to him all those years ago? Talk about history repeating itself! Can James save his best friend the way he was saved? Is Walker going to be obsessed with this until the very end or will there be a chance for... peace... if that's even possible? And where oh where is Hoyt's letter to Geri going to lead Stella to? Walker Ranch itself? Hopefully we don't have to wait much longer! 

Anjali S
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