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Tracker - The Storm (Season Finale) - Review: Small Town, Big Secrets

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Tonight’s thrilling episode of Tracker kicked off with two young adults on a boat spotting something unusual, setting the stage for an intense and emotionally charged narrative. The episode also featured a reunion with Justin Hartley’s This is Us cast mate, Jennifer Morrison, who portrayed Colter’s old friend. Given the history between Morrison and Hartley on This Is Us, Morrison’s portrayal of Lizzy felt refreshingly distinct and didn’t feel odd at all. 

Teddi and Velma offered Colter a job, but he was already knee-deep in another case. Lizzy desperately needed his help to find her missing daughter, Katie, who vanished while storm chasing with her boyfriend Dylan. Colter reassured Lizzy that he would do everything he could to find Katie, though it was clear that even he had doubts that Katie was still alive. The town sheriff dismissed the storm chasing as risky and pointless, but Colter followed the storm’s path, hoping to trace Katie’s steps. Lizzy directed him to Rachel, the third member of the storm tracking team, who provided crucial information and recordings of their last communication. Her eerie account of Katie’s abrupt radio silence was alarming, and things became even more intense when Colter discovered Dylan’s body in a Kelp trap. 

“The Storm” – TRACKER, Pictured: Justin Hartley as Colter Shaw and Jennifer Morrison as Lizzy. Photo: Darko Sikman/CBS ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Sheriff Woods tried to keep Colter out of the investigation, typical of small-town cops trying to maintain peace by downplaying potential crimes. Colter, however, sensed foul play, noting the signs of a struggle and the intentional sabotage of Dylan’s dry suit. This tension between Colter’s determination and the sheriff’s reluctance to investigate the case, underscored the episode’s central conflict—truth versus the illusion of safety in a close-knit community. Small town sheriff’s know how easily people can get riled up by a rare event like a murder. Because murders are infrequent in these areas, police are often quick to dismiss foul play. If a case seems straightforward, like a boat capsizing during a storm, they may not investigate thoroughly. Without Colter’s intervention, Dylan’s death would have been written off as an accident, letting the murderer go free. The cops believe they are protecting the town’s peace, but in doing so, they deny families the truth and justice they deserve.

Colter’s conversation with the sheriff’s deputy revealed more secrets. The Sampson brothers, Bo and Xavier, emerged as key figures, hinting at a fight over territory with Dylan and Katie and a deeper conspiracy. Colter’s ability to extract information from the reluctant deputy showcased his knack for making people comfortable and at ease. It would be great to learn more about how he developed this trait, given his isolated upbringing. 

“The Storm” – TRACKER, Pictured: Justin Hartley as Colter Shaw and Jason Diaz as Deputy Kelman. Photo: Sergei Bachlakov/CBS ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Colter called Reenie to check in, and she remarked that he never calls just to check in. She had resigned from the law firm, freeing up her time. Colter reminisced about his family’s trips to Sandy Point, where the case took place. Reenie told Colter that she was still investigating Horizon, where his brother Russell worked. She offered to assist Colter with his current case, now that she’s available. Now that she is unemployed, it opens up the possibility of them working together, hinting at a potential direction the writers might take. If the goal is for Reenie and Colter to get closer, this is certainly one way to do it. 

With Billy’s help, Colter deciphered a cleaned-up recording of Katie’s distress call to Rachel and uncovered a disturbing connection to an old, unsolved case involving a shady business man named Vince Talbot, who was wanted on federal racketeering and sex trafficking charges. The discovery of a dead body in an abandoned dock building led Colter deeper into the town’s dark underbelly. Dylan’s past involvement with the Sampson brothers and the revelation of a camera’s missing SD card suggested Katie and Dylan stumbled upon something dangerous. 

Meanwhile, Reenie informed Colter that she was with Talbot and she could take care of herself because she enjoyed watching men like him squirm. Her FBI contact provided his location. Reenie tested him, stating that his time was up and he would be held accountable for what he had done. Talbot warned her to be careful, but Reenie remained strong and confident, showing no fear. It would be intriguing to learn more about her background and what events in her life led her to become so determined to take down powerful men. 

Colter’s bold infiltration of Talbot’s house, despite getting beaten up, allowed Billy to hack into the house’s Wi-Fi, providing more leads. The tension peaked when Colter found Katie alive but injured, hiding in an old boat. The revelation that Talbot sent the Sampsons after them, resulting in Dylan’s murder, escalated the danger. Xavier’s confrontation and the sheriff’s true colors—revealed through a high-stakes deception—brought the episode to a dramatic climax. The setup to expose the dirty sheriff working with Talbot ensured that justice was served, satisfying viewers craving for a resolution, something the show does well. 

“The Storm” – TRACKER, Pictured: Justin Hartley as Colter Shaw. Photo: Darko Sikman/CBS ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Lizzy’s heartfelt gratitude to Colter for saving Katie provided a touching conclusion, but the revelations about Colter’s family left viewers with burning questions. Lizzy’s disclosure about her mother’s affair with Colter’s dad and the mysterious box of research papers and journals that belonged to his dad found in her mother’s home, hinted at deeper family secrets. Lizzy revealed that she sent the box to Colter’s sister Dory, which meant that Dory has also been hiding secrets from Colter. This moment set the stage for an intriguing second season, where it is clear that Colter will look for answers about his past. Something that will round out his character and propel the series forward. 

This episode of Tracker masterfully weaved together suspense, emotional depth, and small-town intrigue. The characters’ complex relationships and hidden motives kept viewers on the edge of their seats, while the unraveling mystery and high-stakes confrontations delivered a satisfying punch. As the season finale set up new storylines, fans can eagerly anticipate Colter’s next steps in uncovering his family’s troubled past. This is definitely an episode not to be missed, showcasing Tracker at its finest. What did you think, Tracker fans? Were you satisfied with the finale? What do you think his father is hiding? Will Reenie end up teaming with Colter? Share your thoughts below and engage with me on X at @middleofcanada.


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