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Top 5 Young Adult Soap Opera Couples

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Daytime dramas have been airing for over 60 years bringing romance in the afternoon to our grandmother, aunties and mother’s living rooms. Many of us grew up watching these stories play out while home sick from school or during our summer vacations. So it does not come as a surprise that we have continued the tradition of watching the stories ourselves and rooting for our favorite characters whether hero or villain. However, nothing captures our hearts quite like the young adult romance storylines. The next generation of leads moves the story and the genre in general keeping their respective shows fresh and entertaining. 

Here is a list of the top 5 young adult soap opera couples in no particular order: 

     1.    Robin and Stone (General Hospital) 

In 1993 good girl Robin Scorpio meets street Michael “Stone” Cates and it is not love at first sight. When the two do warm up to each other and it is known that Stone works for mob boss Sonny Corinthos, which makes dating him a big no no for Robin’s police officer uncle Mac Scorpio, the audience was treated to an epic love story. Stone contracted the HIV virus and unknowingly exposed Robin who later tested positive. The storyline was raw and real for the time. Stone later died to complications from the virus and his death still brings up emotions from fans to this day. 

  2.     Shawn and Belle (Days of Our Lives) 

Shawn and Belle’s families have always been close. Her sister is his cousin so when the two began dating in high school there was no huge shock to audiences. Even in high school the pair could not escape the drama. A classmate wanted to hide the truth behind her pregnancy and claimed Shawn was the father. After the truth came out and the pair had to deal with the Salem Stalker, Jan kidnapped Shawn leaving Belle to think he abandoned her. Even after all that drama, the two still ended up getting married and riding off into the sunset more than once. Fans do hope to see them back soon. 

3.     Lucky and Liz (General Hospital) 

With Lucky being the son of the original supercouple Luke and Laura, it came at no surprise that when he met bad girl Elizabeth Webber the pair would end up being popular. Lucky helped Elizabeth during one of the most difficult times, recovering from being sexually assaulted. The two grew closer and had to deal with Lucky’s brother’s grandmother kidnapping him, faking his death and brainwashing him. Coming back together and later breaking up again due to cheating on both sides, they do eventually get married but divorced again. Lucky is currently off canvas and Elizabeth still resides in Port Charles. The door is always open for these two to reunite but the ship may have sailed. 

  4.     Jonathan and Tammy (Guiding Light) 

A controversial pairing that fans loved as the two characters found out that they were related but that did not stop their fans from rooting for their forbidden love. Jonathan was the bad boy set on revenge against Reva and used Tammy to do so. Of course that meant he really did start to fall in love with her right as his secret was revealed. Meddling family, other relationships aside, these two couldn’t help but be drawn to each other. Unfortunately, Tammy is killed leaving Jonathan to fight to raise his own daughter and leaving a void that the show had trouble filling again. 

 5.     Spencer and Trina (General Hospital) 

Spencer and Trina was an immediate hit with soap opera fans and often described as bringing the genre back to life. Spencer is the bad boy billionaire Prince and Trina the down to earth heroine with a heart of gold. Spencer and Trina had so many obstacles in their path, jealous ex-girlfriend, a boring cop that was in love with Trina, crazy uncles that wanted to destroy the world and a baby storyline in which neither of them were the parent. However, against all those odds, fans fought and won for this couple to be together. In true soap opera fashion, their happiness was short-lived as the jealous ex-girlfriend came back and Spencer sacrificed himself to save Trina. Fans may never see this level of excitement for a pairing again but one can hope. 

So fans, did your favorite young adult pairing make the list? If not, let us know who your favorites are in the comments and remember to connect with me on X @jereereviews to talk more!

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