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Sullivan's Crossing - Secrets - Review: Things Come to a Head

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Tonight’s episode of "Sullivan's Crossing" picked up where the last episode left off, with the disheartening revelation that the Crossing is up for auction, a fact that had slipped Sully's mind despite numerous notices from the bank. As Maggie and Sully prepared to meet with the bank, Sully was filled with regret, voicing his hopes of leaving the Crossing to Maggie one day—a sentiment that deeply resonated with her. 

The episode skillfully balanced personal dilemmas with the overarching threat of the Crossing's foreclosure.The lives of everyone at the Crossing are so deeply entwined with the place itself, so the potential sale has far-reaching implications for every single person that lives there. Edna expressed her disappointment in Sully for not disclosing the financial troubles, emphasizing that family should not keep secrets from one another, which struck a chord with Frank, who still has not revealed to Edna what really happened in Alberta with his family. 

Maggie and Sully's attempt to negotiate with the bank about the foreclosure failed, leaving Sully with just two weeks to settle his debt. Despite Maggie's encouragement not to give up, Sully was disheartened. He confided in Frank about the humiliation of exposing his financial woes in front of his daughter and his fear of failing his father's legacy. Sully worries that losing the Crossing might mean losing Maggie again. Frank reassured him of the community's support and accompanied him to an AA meeting. During the meeting, Sully emotionally admitted that Maggie's return had resurfaced old wounds, acknowledging his previous state of denial and the necessity of confronting his emotions to truly heal. 

“Secrets” - SULLIVAN’S CROSSING. Pictured: Scott Patterson as Sully Sullivan and Tom Jackson as Frank Cranebear. Photo: Bell Media ©2024. All Rights Reserved.

Meanwhile, as Cal reminisced about his dance and kiss with Maggie at the restaurant, Lola arrived at his cabin requesting his help to save the Crossing. They sought out a nearby foreclosure attorney, who advised them that they can file an emergency appeal with the bank if they can demonstrate they have the funds to clear the debt. During the meeting, the attorney speculated that Cal had a legal background. Cal admitted he no longer practices law, stating he did not feel like he was really helping people. The lawyer countered, suggesting that while small-town law may not be lucrative, it can be significantly impactful, which got the wheels in Cal’s head turning. Perhaps he doesn’t need to give up his legal career after all. 

Back at the Outpost, Edna and Maggie had a heartfelt exchange during which Edna confessed that losing the Crossing would feel like losing part of her identity. Just then, Lola and Cal entered and updated them on the emergency appeal, but Maggie stated that they lack the necessary funds to settle the debt, crushing everyone's hopes. 

In the midst of trying to save the Crossing, Sydney accompanied Maggie to her first ultrasound. Maggie felt elated as she heard her baby's heartbeat for the first time. Sydney questioned Maggie about Cal, but in true Maggie fashion, she had already decided to close the book on Cal since he made it clear that he did not want to be a father. Maggie is always quick to put up a wall and walk away, without any communication or clarity. Sydney warned her that returning to Andrew might be a mistake, as people rarely change. Once again thinking with her head instead of her heart, Maggie believes that reuniting with Andrew is the sensible choice because he is interested in starting a family and has made efforts to change. However, it is clear that Maggie is having a hard time convincing herself that this is really the right move.  

Maggie did make one great decision, however. She turned down the job in Boston, telling Sully that the Crossing is her legacy and she is committed to saving it. She proposed asking her mom and stepdad for financial help, which enraged Sully. He refuses to accept money from the people who kept Maggie away from him for all these years. He shared his feelings with Frank and Edna, who were disappointed that his pride might jeopardize saving the Crossing. The next morning, Maggie found a note from Sully stating, “I am going to fix this.” Sully met with Glenn, the man from the golf course across the street, proposing he become a minority shareholder and that in turn, he would help promote the golf course. Glenn considered the offer and agreed to think it over. 

“Secrets” - SULLIVAN’S CROSSING. Pictured: Morgan Kohan as Maggie Sullivan. Photo: Bell Media ©2024. All Rights Reserved.

In a moment that viewers have been waiting for since the first season, Cal finally confessed his feelings to Maggie, admitting he hasn't felt this way in a long time. Typical Maggie immediately threw up a wall, insisting that a relationship between them can't happen. Despite Cal's pleas to discuss it further and not to push him away, Maggie remained firm and ended their potential relationship, breaking down in tears as he left. As she shared her disappointment with Edna that her life hadn’t been going according to plan, Edna told her to let go of her plans, breathe, and see what life has in store. This advice is something Maggie should consider. Life rarely unfolds as planned. People have to embrace what comes their way and allow it to guide them to their destined paths. Cal is exactly the person Maggie needs. She needs to stop ignoring her heart's desires and start following them. It is the only way that she will be truly happy. 

The episode ended on a tense note as Sully shared details of his meeting with Glenn with Edna, Maggie and Frank, who expressed their unease about him. The tension escalated when Phoebe arrived at the Outpost, revealing to Sully that Maggie had contacted her behind his back—a significant betrayal in his eyes. 

“Secrets” - SULLIVAN’S CROSSING. Pictured: Scott Patterson as Sully Sullivan, Morgan Kohan as Maggie Sullivan, Andrea Menard as Edna Cranebear and Tom Jackson as Frank Cranebear. Photo: Bell Media ©2024. All Rights Reserved.

Elsewhere in the episode, Sydney hadn’t yet told Rafe about her new modeling contract, but she did tell Rob and Maggie that she is returning to New York and bought her plane ticket. When she finally broke the news to Rafe, he became understandably upset. Mostly because Sydney had been leading him on for so long but also because he was the last to find out she was leaving. Sydney admitted that she struggled with how to tell him and suggested he deserved better than her. After packing her belongings, she returned to Rob's place. Later, Rafe discussed with Rob his confusion over Sydney's decision to return to New York, despite her previous negative experiences there. Rob is the voice of wisdom, stating that when you really care about someone, sometimes you just have to let them go. Sydney is a lost soul, trying to find her place in life. Perhaps she needs to see this second chance at modeling through in order to finally figure out that it isn’t really what she wants. 

It is hard to believe that we're already halfway through the season, yet there seems to be so much left unresolved. That's the allure of this show—it keeps viewers captivated and longing for more. Hopefully, Maggie will let down her guard with Cal and share the news of her pregnancy, giving him a chance to decide for himself if accepting her baby is something that he wants. Fans have been rooting for this relationship since season 1 and the emotional rollercoaster is getting harder to ride. Both Maggie and Cal have been through so much. It is time for them to be happy. As for the Crossing, nothing good can come from Sully partnering with Glenn but is Phoebe really a better alternative? Sometimes you have to put pride aside and do what’s best for yourself and everyone around you. What do you think, Sullivan’s Crossing fans? What will it take for Maggie to finally follow her heart with Cal? Will Sully put his pride aside and accept a loan from Phoebe? Share your thoughts below and engage with me on X at @middleofcanada.

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