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Sullivan's Crossing - Eye of the Storm - Review: Guilt is Like a Poison, it Eats you from the Inside Out

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In tonight's episode of Sullivan's Crossing, the narrative took a softer tone, paving the way for important conversations and revelations among the characters. Post-storm, clarity seemed to emerge, helping everyone progress towards a hopefully brighter future. 

The episode picked up where the last left off, with everyone navigating the hurricane. In a dramatic rescue, Cal discovered Maggie injured and unconscious beneath debris, with Pete’s dog beside her. He swiftly brought her to safety in his cabin and communicated with Rafe about finding Maggie. As the two waited out the storm, they shared intimate stories—Maggie about Pete’s PTSD and Cal about his brother's military experiences—the two grew closer beside a comforting fire. Their budding attraction was palpable, yet they struggled against their burgeoning feelings. A tender moment arose when Cal tended to Maggie's injury, and she confided that she is not used to having someone take care of her, to which Cal responded warmly, suggesting that should change. 

“Eye of the Storm” - SULLIVAN’S CROSSING. Pictured: Morgan Kohan as Maggie Sullivan. Photo: Bell Media ©2024. All Rights Reserved. 

Their night extended as they needed to keep Maggie awake due to a possible concussion. They engaged in a game of chess, which sparked more personal revelations and philosophical musings about life and chances. Their connection deepened with every shared story and culminated in a passionate kiss, only interrupted by the lights coming back on and news on the radio from Rafe. Maggie really needs someone like Cal, who knows how to savor life's moments. She needs to tune out her overthinking mind and start listening more to her heart. Cal's easygoing nature might be just what she needs to break free from her routine and embrace more joy. 

Meanwhile, Frank grappled with Sully’s confession about being the person responsible for Lola’s accident. Frank told Sully that he must be mistaken, that they never identified the person responsible for Lola's accident. Sully asserted that he remembered the events clearly. He's spent years trying to atone for what happened, yet he feels he's never truly succeeded. Frank told him that he could have been there to support him, but Sully explained that he didn't want to involve Frank in the ordeal. Sully worried about how to confess his actions to Lola, concerned about the impact it will have on her, especially since she trusts him deeply. Frank acknowledged the need to find a way to reveal the truth so they can both start healing. Sully admitted he needs more time to process everything. The search and rescue team arrived and helped get Frank’s truck started, enabling them to head back home.

“Eye of the Storm” - SULLIVAN’S CROSSING. Pictured: Scott Patterson as Sully Sullivan. Photo: Bell Media ©2024. All Rights Reserved.

The episode crescendoed with a high-stakes moment as Maggie had to deliver a baby at the Outpost. Maggie returned to the outpost to wait for Sully, when Lola arrived unexpectedly with Ellis, the pregnant camper, who was in labor. Unable to reach the hospital in time, Maggie stepped in to deliver the baby. With assistance from Cal and Edna, who gathered the necessary supplies, a tense moment arose when Maggie discovered the umbilical cord wrapped around the baby's neck. Cal helped Maggie to safely navigate the complication, and through her exemplary calm, Maggie successfully delivered the baby. This experience highlighted Maggie's potential and her need to trust in her own capabilities more deeply. As Cal and Maggie cleaned the newborn, Maggie noticed Cal's gentle handling of the baby, sparking a realization that he would also be a wonderful father to her own child.

Maggie and Sully shared a heartwarming embrace after she assured him that he doesn't have Alzheimer's. Relief flooded through them both as Maggie brought Sully home to start treatment and confronted him about his alcoholism. Their conversation revealed deep-seated emotions and regrets, leading to a hopeful agreement to start anew, capped off with mutual confessions of love and another tender embrace. Sully had been waiting so long to hear Maggie say those words, and she needed this moment just as much as he did. Hopefully they truly can move forward, especially with Sully’s revelation about Lola coming to a head. 

“Eye of the Storm” - SULLIVAN’S CROSSING. Pictured: Scott Patterson as Sully Sullivan and Morgan Kohan as Maggie Sullivan. Photo: Bell Media ©2024. All Rights Reserved. 

The episode hit a tense moment when Sully invited Lola for a crucial dinner to reveal his long-held secret. However, Lola's emotional breakdown about her fears of losing him halted his confession, underscoring the high stakes not just for their relationship but for the entire community at Sullivan's Crossing. This will rock everyone to their core and nothing will ever be the same again. 

Elsewhere, tensions and passions flared between Rafe and Sydney. After witnessing a new, altruistic side of Rafe, Sydney couldn’t help but move beyond friendship. Despite Rafe's momentary hesitation, their relationship took a romantic turn. Sydney confided in Maggie that she was intimate with Rafe, despite already committing to her previous agency in New York. Maggie suggested she should discuss it with Rafe. Additionally, Sydney believed Cal would accept Maggie’s pregnancy with Andrew’s child, and insisted that Maggie speak to him.

Seizing the moment, Maggie invited Cal to dinner, and he was thrilled that it was finally happening. During the meal, they shared a lobster dinner, where Maggie assisted a clearly inexperienced Cal with shelling his lobster. Cal then invited Maggie to dance, even though the restaurant wasn’t set up for dancing, pushing her out of her comfort zone. Their dance led to a passionate kiss, but the romantic moment was abruptly cut short when Cal mentioned that he does not see children in his future. Distressed by his revelation, Maggie quickly left, visibly upset by the conversation. Knowing Maggie, she will take this information and run, rather than have a deeper conversation with Cal about her circumstances. These two are so great together, but they are clearly lacking in the communication department. Cal clearly loves her and being the man he is, it is almost a certainty that he would be there for Maggie and her child. They need to have a conversation. Hopefully Maggie allows it to happen. 

“Eye of the Storm” - SULLIVAN’S CROSSING. Pictured: Morgan Kohan as Maggie Sullivan and Chad Michael Murray as Cal Jones. Photo: Bell Media ©2024. All Rights Reserved.

Finally, during the storm Rob and Sydney reminisced about Sydney's childhood fears of storms to soothe Finn, highlighting Rob's role as a protective big brother. However, Finn's poignant question about why Sydney had to care for Rob after his mother's death brought a somber tone. The narrative deepened as Rob and Finn cared for Pete, a war veteran struggling with family reconnection post-service. Pete's story of estrangement resonated with Rob, prompting self-reflection about his relationship with Finn. Rob admitted to Sydney that he failed to support her when she returned from New York, acknowledging her pivotal role during his difficult times. Sydney revealed a heart-wrenching moment when Finn mistook her for his mother, believing it strained her relationship with Rob and Finn. As the storm passed, Rob resolved to mend his bond with Finn, taking him home for some much-needed father-son time. 

This season continues to surpass expectations, with each episode leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the next. A renewal for season 3 seems like a given—here’s hoping for an announcement soon.. What did you think, Sullivan’s Crossing fans? Will Maggie tell Cal the truth and allow him to explain his feelings? Will Sully finally tell Lola about his role in the accident and what repercussions do you think it will have? Share your thoughts below and engage with me on X at @middleofcanada.

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