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My Adventures with Superman: More Things in Heaven and Earth & My Adventures with My Girlfriend Review: A Breath of Fresh Air

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My Adventures with Superman is one of the best adaptations of the Man of Steel lately and it is back with two new episodes to kick off its sophomore season. Aside from the live action Superman and Lois, which will be ending soon over on the CW, this version gives us a fresh take on Clark’s story. Yes, it is an animated version, in anime style but that is what makes it fresh. 

The first episode of the season is titled “More Things in Heaven and Earth” and picks up with Clark in bed having a nightmarish dream or vision about another ship coming to Earth. He does not have much time to reflect on it because it is Valentine’s Day and a big day over at the Daily Planet where we see his better half Lois awake from her slumber. She gets an “I love you” note from Clark and she texts back her sentiment but is worried as she cannot get ahold of her father. 

During the morning briefing, Jimmy enters and Clark is teased that his plans for Valentine’s Day are not enough. It is back to business when Perry starts the meeting and Lois comes in with a scoop from S.T.A.R. Labs. A meteor will be coming straight to Earth soon. As our trio head over to Star Labs to get the scoop, Clark gets a flash (see what I did there) vision of the ship again and they head to Antarctica to investigate. 

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Discovery

Once aboard Clark’s ship they are separated and Clark and his father get to have a proper discussion where Clark learns of his origin and he learns he is not alone - his cousin Kara is somewhere on Earth as well. The origin story here was changed a bit but it does not do harm to the source materia; it enhances it. Instead of Krypton dying of natural causes, there was a war; a change this Superman fan is open to. 

However, Clark and Jor-El do not have much time to chat as Amanda Waller and her Task Force X are attacking Lois and Jimmy. As they rush to save them, unfortunately the bad guys discover Kryptonite during the attack. Jor-El sacrifices himself (best way to describe it as he is a hologram) and he and Clark share a touching goodbye. 

The episode ends with the heroes winning for now. Lois asks Clark to help save her father as she overheard Amanda Waller saying that she has him imprisoned. He agrees but does not tell her about Kara yet - saving her father comes first. 

Deathstroke was able to leave the ship with pieces of Kryptonite so they now have a small advantage over Superman but once Kara enters the odds may become even. They are not equipped to handle both of them. The season opener was great and a strong start to open the season. I look forward to the arrival of Supergirl. 

Episode 2: My Adventures with My Girlfriend 

The episode starts off with Amanda Waller waking up in bed (appreciative that she is wearing a bonnet) giving herself a morning motivational speech. Even the bad guys need self pep talks it would seem. She meets up with General Lane offering him pancakes and coffee explaining that today is the day he is going to talk. 

Clark and Lois are walking discussing her father and just when Clark is getting ready to tell her about Kara they are approached by a little boy Billy who needs their help to get a message to Superman. His father works at the prison library and is missing; can Superman help him. Of course he will; so naturally Lois and Clark rush off to investigate. Clark just breaks into the prison with no alarms or guards to see what is going on. They find an elevator shaft and share a cute moment before going down to investigate further. Again - how are there no alarms going off is strange.

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Discovery

 They find Task Force X underground base and Clark learns he cannot see through all walls (lead). Lois tries to impersonate an employee but the guards do not buy it and Clark makes light work of them. They see on the security footage, part of Kara’s ship and Clark explains what he learns but before they can discuss further, the video of General Lane’s interrogation pops up and they rush to save him. Lane and Waller have a tense conversation and after Waller leaves Lois comes in with Superman and Lane is not pleased in an amusing scene. 

 The other comedic side of a more dramatic episode comes from Jimmy being assigned a Flamebird team. The interns do not listen to him and Perry finds that hilarious. When Jimmy cannot reach Clark he takes the team on a field trip to Stryker Island. During the rescue of her father, the trio argue which leads Lois and Clark to have their own side argument. Lois lets her thoughts be known that it might not be a good idea to look for Kara because of the whole Krypton invasion. 

She just wants to find Billy’s dad and save her own - who left while they were talking. General Lane gets Amanda alone and says they can protect Earth together but Amanda is not interested in being second. Clark explains he is upset at the way General Lane treats Lois and he won’t forgive him for that just as he appears running from Task Force X. They find the missing prisoners and General Lane has no idea what is going on. Billy’s dad explains that the prisoners are non violent and that Waller is running tests on them, trying to turn them into living weapons. When he asked too many questions, he woke up next to them. Superman lets them out of their cells and General Lane is appalled. Waller says she does what she must and thanks them for their service. 

This version of Amanda Waller is just as diabolical as her other counterparts. Meanwhile Jimmy is trying to get to the prison and is using more of his funds to do so. My prediction is that because we keep seeing his net worth dwindle by the end of season he will be broke. While Superman fights the Atomic Skull, the prison starts to fall apart around him and crushes the Atomic Skull as Clark grabs Kara’s beacon. Waller catches up with Sam, Lois and the prisoners. Waller says she sabotaged Sam and the mission and that he is too weak. Losing a handful of humans to save humanity is a price she is willing to pay. 

Jimmy shows up with his boat and everyone jumps on board right as Superman shows up and blows a gust of wind to knock out Waller, the guards and Deathstroke. As they sail away, the news helicopters show up. Clark apologizes to Lois and is about to tell her about him taking the beacon but she wants to talk to her father first. General Lane comes to terms with his situation and he wants to lay low and go off the grid. Lois offers her home but he declines and Lois offers Clark and Jimmy’s place. Lane agrees so he can talk to Clark about his relationship with Lois. 

Waller is reprimanded and attacked but saved by Ivo’s assistant. He offers his assistance in helping protect Earth. Turns out he is Lex Luthor! What a way to end the episode with the introduction of Superman’s arch enemy. Jack Quaid and Alice Lee are killing it as Clark/Superman and Lois as well as Ishmel Sahid as Jimmy. 

What did you think of the episode Superman fans? Leave a comment and remember to connect with me on X @jereereviews to discuss more.

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