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Evil - How to Train a Dog - Review: Man’s Best Friend or Foe

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If I was not sure before, after watching this episode I am even more convinced that I am not in need of any type of robot in my home. Man’s best friend was turned into a weapon on tonight’s episode and left me feeling very uneasy. How to Train a Dog gave us mystery, suspense and tugged at the heart strings in a bizarre hour of Evil goodness. 

David, Kristen and Ben are assigned to investigate reports of a werewolf attacking church goers. When they arrive at the cemetery, David points out to Kristen how much she has changed when she shrugs off the fact that Leland stole her egg and her baby will be born in 30 days (indicating over a week has passed since the last episode). Kristen lets him know that she is just not letting fear dictate her life anymore. When Ben returns to the car, David notices glowing eyes in the distance and when he moves in he is attacked by a robot dog. They later learn the robot also attacked a black nun. The thought of racist robot dogs makes my stomach churn but Evil has always been smart with the way they tackle racism. 

"How to Train a Dog” – EVIL, Pictured: Mike Colter as Fr. David Acosta, Katja Herbers as Kristen Bouchard and Aasif Mandvi as Ben Shakir. Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount+ ©2024 Paramount+. All Rights Reserved

Ben calls his friend Kate for help as her company created the software for the robot. Kate brings the comedy this episode with a one liner describing the trio as a “really weird Avengers team” (a possible nod to Mike Colter’s days as Marvel’s Luke Cage). They conclude that the software was hacked so she provides them with another model to test; which the tests seem to be normal. 

When David returns to his room, Victor is waiting for him with another mysterious request and advises him that Grace is not doing well. Meanwhile, Ben back at his apartment is trying to explain away the demon attached to him with science. In a creepy scene, the demon grabs a hold of his face to prove that he is real. Kristen is going to be having her own problems as Lexis is awakened by scratching at the door and it's the robot dog looking to come in from the rain. Later when Kristen wakes in the morning, she finds Andy sleeping under the bed and decides they need to return to the doctor. Before they can further discuss it they are interrupted by the girls and the robot dog which Kristen makes clear that it cannot stay in the house but Andy seems weirdly ok with it being there. 

"How to Train a Dog” – EVIL, Pictured: Katja Herbers as Kristen Bouchard. Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount+ ©2024 Paramount+. All Rights Reserved

David arrives at the location Victor gave him and meets a man named TJ who spouts off his personal information. David is later sent to a room with other men and told to stare at a playing card and begin to draw. We later learn that Victor is leaving his position and now David will be meeting with a man named Father Dominick who shows him a video taken by TJ at the same time that David was drawing his picture; he drew exactly what was shown in the video. David has remote viewing and was approached because Grace told the Vatican that he was special. This separate storyline for David is the most interesting as the audience is left on pins and needles trying to figure out why he is so important to the Vatican. Combine this new development with his visits from an Angel, perhaps David is some type of warrior needed to stop the apocalypse. 

While Ben is testing the robotic dog with the girls, the owner starts speaking to him, a man named Harley. Ben advises him to meet with him or he will junk the dog. Ben was pulling double duty as babysitter because Kristen is at the doctor with Andy and his results show he has been taking drugs. The doctor found needle marks between his toes. The audience knows its Leland but Kristen begins researching addiction later in the evening when she hears the robotic dog back in house watching Lexis sleep. When the robot goes into attack mode as someone approaches, it's Lynn coming in from seeing Sister Andrea again. Will Lynn play a major role in stopping the apocalypse? 

When the team finally meets with Harley, a black man, they learn that the robotic dog is not targeting black people. He jail broke the system to extend the battery life with links he found online. After further investigating they learn the robotic dog is attacking Catholics using an app on their phones showing Mass times. Confronting Harley one last time, Kate informs him that the company will sue him for tampering with the programming. As Ben is speaking with her, he once again sees the demon. Not trusting that it is a trick of his mind, he seeks out help and visits Kurt. Probably not the best person to ask for help with demons right now. 

"How to Train a Dog” – EVIL, Pictured: Aasif Mandvi as Ben Shakir. Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount+ ©2024 Paramount+. All Rights Reserved

I feel for Andy not being able to understand what he is going through. As he lays in the bathtub going through withdrawals and avoiding answering the phone (suspecting it's Leland on the other end), his girls find him and Lynn tells whoever is calling him to not call back (of course it is Leland). They begin to sing to him to call him down in a heartwarming scene. When the girls are loud they are loud but they save the day more than anyone realizes. 

Have to note that Sheryl had an interesting story this episode battling misogyny in a workplace run by demons. She got the job done but was rewarded with a small non functional office with a glass ceiling looking up at all the men, including Leland, that doubt her. Although I cannot stand what Sheryl is doing and how it affects her family, I do hope she succeeds in hurting Leland. 

Another solid episode of Evil, that leaves us wanting to know how everyone plays into the upcoming event in 30 days. Who will win, the side of good or the side of Evil? It all comes down to this season. So, what did you think Evil fans? Let me know in the comments and remember to connect with me on Twitter @jereereviews.

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