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Evil: How to Split an Atom Review: We Have 38 Days

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Evil is back with its final run after leaving fans with a shocking cliffhanger last season. We pick up right where we left off with Kristen receiving the surprise of her life; that the egg she was trying to track down has been implanted, fertilized and about to be born. Not only that, but the father is none other than her arch nemesis Leland. If that wasn’t enough to send a person screaming, her mother is back in the mix with Leland. 

Leland explains that she is the mother of the antichrist and all Kristen can do is laugh and point out how terrible Leland’s life will be raising a baby. The chemistry that these two characters have as enemies is great and brings comedic relief when the subject of their conversations is meant to be funny. Tough to do when the show deals with such heavy subject matter. 

Kristen learning about her scheming mother is something the audience have been waiting for and now that she knows, this has definitely changed their relationship. As a viewer, the clock is being watched, counting down to the second until all of Sheryl’s lies come to light. If anyone deserves a slap, it's Sheryl. Kristen rightfully lets Sheryl know she is no longer welcome in her home or around her grandchildren. 

Meanwhile, David is still fighting his own demons or angels. His vision of the black angel giving him a warning will not stop. He isn’t left with much time to ponder as the team is given a new assignment by replacement Father Frank (who doesn’t believe in demons or the work the team does). They must investigate the opening of a particle accelerator. There are rumors that it sits on the doorway to Hell and there was a hoax video of a woman being sacrificed uploaded online by some employees of the facility. 

"How to Split an Atom” – EVIL, Pictured: Wallace Shawn as Father Ignatious, Mike Colter as David Acosta, Katja Herbers as Kristen Bouchard and Aasif Mandvi as Ben Shakir. Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount+ ©2024 All Rights Reserved

When the team arrives to investigate they are told by the people in charge that the woman in the video resigned as she didn’t like the attention she was receiving because of the video. As they enter the tunnels weird things happen like power outages and strange noises. The scientists are quick to explain everything away but as they are leaving David finds a note from a whistleblower. At the meeting with Mateo (the whistleblower), David, Ben and Kristen are told the woman from the video fell into a black hole at a different section of the facility that the scientists were trying to hide from them. He also shows them a video of some sort of creature coming out of the black hole. Ben is quick to dismiss it as an app that allows you to create scary images. Kristen appears to begin to be affected by all of this as she wants Ben to ease her mind constantly. That antichrist baby she’s about to have must be heavy on her mind. 

Elsewhere, Andy is still under the control of Leland who calls him back to his home and tries to brainwash him repeating the phrase “why is your wife *exploitive* a priest” which Sheryl says was not the plan and what they should be repeating is “you need Sheryl back in the house.” This scene offered more comic relief in what is a science heavy episode. 

When the team returns to the church we are introduced to a new father interested in science and if the facility can create a black hole that will swallow the Earth. Who knew the Church was so interested in this? Ben, David and Kristen return to the facility to investigate the actual location of the hole that was dug by the construction crew, site 33. When the team splits up and David is left alone at the hole he sees a bug creature bring up the head of the missing woman from the video and Ben is accidentally struck with a beam of radiation in a tunnel. As if that wasn’t bad enough, when Ben is struck he sees flashes of demons. That cannot be good for him. 

"How to Split an Atom” – EVIL, Pictured: Mike Colter as David Acosta, Katja Herbers as Kristen Bouchard, Aasif Mandvi as Ben Shakir, Peter Mark Kendall as Dr. Parquet and Cara Patterson as Emily Reinhardt. Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount+ ©2024 All Rights Reserved

The team rightfully calls it a day and David tells Sister Andrea his dreams and what he saw at the site. When he leaves, Kristen’s daughter Lynn comes out of hiding hoping Sister Andrea can give her more information; she cannot without her parents consent. Just then Kurt shows up seeking her counsel as well. The Sister will be busy this season it seems I get it, she’s one of the best characters on the show and deserves some more screen time. 

Andy is waiting for David and confronts him about sleeping with Kristen, as he denies it the mosquito demon disguised as Kristen returns. It appears whatever Leland did to him was strong enough to make the mosquito demon reappear. David of course informs Kristen who is livid. As she waits for Andy to come home, Lynn does instead, after midnight. Kristen questions her and she lies about being with her boyfriend. Most teenagers do not have to lie about being at Church but when Kristen is your mother it is understandable. You just never know what you are going to get with her. 

"How to Split an Atom” – EVIL, Pictured: Mike Colter as David Acosta, Katja Herbers as Kristen Bouchard and Patrick Brammali as Andy Bouchard. Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/Paramount+ ©2024 All Rights Reserved

We finally get to see Ben alone who is now seeing visions of a demon in a scary scene. It appears that the demon is latched on to him or connected to him as they move in unison. Is Ben finally a believer? 

When we return to Kristen, she confronts Andy and reprimands him for suggesting she is cheating. I mean yes she kissed David but she totally had sex with some random day player so she isn’t fully lying, right? She also made a valid point about her being the only one working but that doesn’t give her a cheating pass. 

The team takes one last trip to the facility and Ben lies about feeling ok. They are told that Mateo admitted to trying to blackmail them. When they view him on security cameras he is praying but seems to be attacked. He is out of frame a little so no one can make out what is truly happening to him. When they get to his location it either looks like he jumped down the black hole or was pulled down as the camera pans to claw marks on the wall. 

Ben, David and Kristen report their findings back to the Church and Father Frank informs them that the particle accelerator will open in 38 days. When they are alone, David explains his dream of the Angel warning him about the end of the world coming in 38 days with the birth of the antichrist. Kristen laughs explaining her son will be born in 38 days. 

Katja Herbers really takes us on a journey. She goes from warrior mother to seductress to a person who may be on the verge of a psychotic break so smoothly. Her performance in this series is so good and she deserves all the awards. If anyone should receive the label "breakout performance" it goes to her. Mike Colter as David just makes me want to hug him as he deals with his internal struggle and Aasif Mandvi usually brings the laughs so I am excited to see a different side to his character this season as he battles science vs supernatural. 

This episode was a great season opener. We have so many mysteries to solve and 38 days to do it. It was a perfect mix of supernatural and comedy when needed. What did you think of the episode Evil fans? Are you team Sheryl? Is Andy just a poor guy mixed up in his wife’s madness? What role will Lynn play? How do we get Netflix to pick up this show for more seasons? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to connect with me on X @jereereviews.

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