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All American - 100% - Review: Celebrating a Milestone: The 100th Episode of All American

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All American" hit a significant milestone tonight with its 100th episode, delivering a blend of nostalgia, personal growth, and intense football action. This landmark episode not only revisited the roots of some of the characters, but also propelled their stories forward in meaningful ways. It was an hour filled with emotional highs and lows, personal revelations, and, of course, a nail-biting football game. 

The episode kicked off with Spencer having a haunting nightmare. He’s on the field, unable to get up as a deceased player from his Crenshaw days, screams at him. Olivia, ever the supportive partner, suggested he decipher the dream to clear his mind for the national championship. Meanwhile, Olivia faced her own dilemma as her publisher pressured her to include her father's affair in her book, threatening to drop the deal if she didn't. 

Spencer took Olivia’s advice and revisited the field where his football journey began, reminiscing about playing as a child with his mother cheering him on. Grace’s arrival with a heartfelt gift—a replica of all the fields he’s played on, with an empty space for his future NFL team—added a poignant touch. It was a powerful reminder of his roots and the support system that has shaped him. Grace has been his biggest champion, and it was so fitting that such a meaningful gift came from her. 

“100%” - ALL AMERICAN. Pictured: Daniel Ezra as Spencer James and Mustafa Speaks as Kenny Boone. Photo: Troy Harvey/The CW © 2024 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Spencer's visit to Billy Baker Field in Crenshaw where he met up with former teammate Chris Jackson, offered another trip down memory lane. Chris’s apology and confession of jealousy provided a moment of closure and camaraderie. It was a testament to the bonds formed through shared experiences and the importance of moving forward without being held back by past regrets. After meeting up with Jordan and Asher at the Beverly High field, Spencer realized that his dream meant that he was nervous about the big game, and more so, sad about everything he would be leaving behind should he make the NFL.

Meanwhile, Layla was engrossed in her therapy work, pouring her thoughts into a journal while planning a post-championship party for GAU, assuming a victory. Jordan, however, urged her to prioritize her mental health over the celebration. Layla was taken aback by Jordan, and felt like perhaps he may be pulling away from. Her fears were further ignited by Spencer and Jordan’s quirky roommate, who claimed she felt that Jordan and Layla’s relationship was on the outs. This scene subtly underscored Layla's inner turmoil and her struggle to keep her relationship and mental health in balance. She wants to prioritize therapy so that she can heal, but she clearly feels that it could be jeopardizing her relationship with Jordan. It could be her perception, but perception is reality for a person and it is clearly leaving her feeling unsettled. 

Coop's investigation into Miko's past added a layer of suspense, uncovering a dangerous history that could exonerate Patience and potentially put Miko behind bars. However, Coop's willingness to consider illegal methods to unearth Miko's past crimes concerned Laura, leading her to question Coop's integrity and suitability for a career in law. Despite Coop's love for Patience, she needs to separate her personal and professional lives, recognizing that ethics must remain paramount in legal practice, regardless of the client. 

“100%” - ALL AMERICAN. Pictured: Karimah Westbrook as Grace James, and Bre-Z as Tamia “Coop” Cooper. Photo: Troy Harvey/The CW © 2024 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The climax of the episode was the national championship game between Coastal and GAU. It was the perfect way to cap off a 100th episode, considering football is the heart of the show. The tension during the game was palpable, with strategic plays and emotional stakes. Asher’s return to the field, despite his coach’s orders, underscored his longing to play one last time. His risky decision paid off, earning cheers and respect, and even helping his team secure a critical touchdown. The game’s intensity was heightened by Coach Kenny shutting down Coach Mac, and following Spencer’s advice for a play, leading to a dramatic and victorious moment that cemented his legacy. Asher, meanwhile, came to the realization that he was done playing football. He understood that he wanted to end his playing career on his own terms, and now that he has done that, he can happily embrace his life as a coach, father, and boyfriend. 

After the game, Olivia’s decision to reject her publisher's demand and preserve her father’s legacy, showcased her integrity. Billy Baker’s heart is his legacy, and Olivia did the right thing to keep that intact. After finding her mother’s wedding dress, Layla, driven by fears of being a burden in her relationship with Jordan, impulsively decided to plan a surprise wedding at the celebration party. Fortunately, Olivia recognized Layla's mistake and informed Jordan before she could go through with it. In an emotional confrontation, Jordan and Layla discussed their relationship, underscoring the importance of honest communication and mutual support. Jordan has showcased time and time again that he is a patient and supportive fiance, and tonight was no exception. Jordan expressed that he didn't want their wedding day to be overshadowed by fear or a desire not to repeat her mother’s mistakes. Realizing she had overreacted, Layla was reassured by Jordan's commitment and his promise that he wasn’t going anywhere. 

“100%” - ALL AMERICAN. Pictured: Samantha Logan as Olivia Baker, Greta Onieogou as Layla Keating, and Monet Mazur as Laura Baker. Photo: Troy Harvey/The CW © 2024 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Spencer’s invitation for Olivia to move in with him marked a hopeful new chapter in their relationship. Having led his team to victory, Spencer now shifts his focus to the NFL draft. While the future of his relationship with Olivia remains uncertain, one thing is clear: regardless of where he ends up, Olivia holds his heart, and he is determined to make their relationship work. 

Tonight’s episode of "All American" was a perfect 100th episode. It paid homage to the characters’ journeys and celebrated how far every single character has come since the show first aired. With its blend of heartfelt moments, intense football action, and poignant character arcs, this episode stands as a testament to why "All American" continues to resonate with its audience. Here’s to 100 episodes and many more touchdowns to come. Now it’s time for The CW to renew the show! Over to you, All American fans. Did you enjoy the 100th episode? What did you think of the way the episode was written, highlighting Spencer’s football journey? Do you think Coop will keep her integrity intact? Or will she resort to illegal tactics to protect Patience? Share your thoughts in the comments below and you can find me on Twitter (X) at @middleofCanada.

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