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So Help Me Todd - Is the Jury Out? - Review: Forget the Labels, Just be Yourself!

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Tonight’s episode of So Help Me Todd, aptly titled, “Is the Jury Out?” Navigated the complex yet very current topics of societal expectations, personal identity and familial obligations. The hour was masterfully written, seamlessly intertwining Margaret’s case, Todd’s independent investigation and the familiar Wright family drama that viewers have come to expect. This episode was easily one of the most thought-provoking of the season. 

From the outset, the episode re-introduced Judy from the coffee shop, portrayed by Heather Morris. Her flirtatious advances towards Todd once again went unreciprocated. Todd, striving to focus on honing his detective skills, focused on advice from his idol, Dick Franks- who was also his hospital roommate in an earlier episode. Todd is determined to maintain his newfound lone wolf persona and is attempting to avoid distractions at all cost, this includes Judy. 

The legal drama unfolded with a poignant case, where a young girl, Clara, emerged as a late witness in a defamation lawsuit involving inappropriate conduct by a college professor. The case, riddled with ethical dilemmas and the fear of societal backlash, particularly with Clara’s strict Fundamentalist community, provided a rich opportunity to explore the consequences of speaking out against wrongdoing. Clara’s struggle and eventual decision to testify, despite severe personal risks, added depth to the plot, showcasing her bravery and the impact that the truth has. 

"Is the Jury Out?” – SO HELP ME TODD. Pictured: Inga Schlingmann as Susan and Skylar Astin as Todd Wright. Photo: Michael Courtney/CBS ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Back at Margaret's home, viewers were treated to lighter moments during family dinner, which was full of typical banter that we have come to expect from the Wright family, and a humorous misfire during a gender reveal - Lawrence accidentally revealed green confetti, clearly having purchased the wrong balloon. Thankfully, Clem was there to adorably announce that she is having a baby brother.

Parallel to the courtroom drama, the episode delved deep into the very current topic of personal identity. Todd was roped into a morally questionable investigation by Lawrence, tasked to find out if a local judge is gay. This narrative was skillfully woven with comedic, yet revealing moments, especially during a costume party where truths were unmasked both literally and metaphorically. This subplot touched on issues of privacy and ethics, especially since Lawrence was planning to block the judge’s bid to be on the supreme court, if he was found out to be gay. Lawrence felt pressured by his constituents, as there are already 3 gay judges on the court and adding another propelled fears that the court would “push the gay agenda.” The topic of personal identity was explored with integrity, as Lawrence struggled with his own gender identity, questioning the necessity and impact of societal labels. Ultimately, the episode concluded on a reflective note with Lawrence affirming the beauty of people embracing their identity, regardless of societal expectations. 

"Is the Jury Out?” – SO HELP ME TODD. Pictured: Matthew Wilkas as Lawrence Wright and Skylar Astin as Todd Wright. Photo:CBS ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

A significant twist occurred when Allison was caught in bed with Todd’s idol, Dick Franks, shattering Todd’s perceptions of him. This revelation was a critical turning point for Todd, as it forced him to challenge his newfound beliefs and extend an olive branch to Judy, finally asking her out on a date. Todd’s character growth was prominently displayed in this episode, highlighted by the scene where Lawrence unwittingly drank several jell-o shots at the costume party, and Todd, along with Margaret, discovered Allison in bed with Dick Franks as they were caring for a drunken Lawrence. Todd was the voice of reason amidst the chaos, seemingly the only Wright sibling with a level head. This shift from the easily distracted screw-up to a more focused and empathetic person, marked a significant evolution in Todd’s character. 

"Is the Jury Out?” – SO HELP ME TODD. Pictured: Matthew Wilkas as Lawrence Wright, Marcia Gay Harden as Margaret Wright, Kathryn Greenwood as Patty and Skylar Astin as Todd Wright. Photo: Michael Courtney/CBS ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

A highlight of this episode was the return of Patty, played by Kathryn Greenwood. Her comedic, well-timed one-liners were hilarious. The scene with her attempting to woo the judge with Todd in her ear coaching her every move, was nothing short of comedy gold. 

One of the standout qualities of the show is its courageous approach to tackling controversial topics with a level-headed and honest perspective. The news that the show might be facing cancellation is quite disappointing. In today’s television landscape, genuinely family-friendly, feel-good dramas are a rarity. We need more shows like So Help Me Todd, not less. Hopefully CBS recognizes the unique value of the series and opts to renew it for another season. What are your thoughts, Todd fans? What did you think of the episode? Which guest-star were you happiest to see grace our screens tonight? Share your thoughts below and engage with me on X at @middleofcanada.
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