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Animal Control - Bunnies and Veggies - Love Is In the Air, Kind of

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This episode was all about the romance this week on Animal Control. Of course we open with an attempt at a classic comedy bit featuring bunnies. We saw this before in the last season when the team had to tackle bunnies that had eaten some edibles. This time, a bunny was stuck on an ice ring and holding up a very important hockey game. Even though the bit didn’t garner any laughs, it was great to see Frank (Joel McHale) so happy on the ice ring. 

Frank is still using a dating app but not correctly after he scares away his match by actually calling her. He was warned by Shred (Michael Rowland), Patel (Ravi Patel) and Victoria (Grace Palmer) to not give her a call. The scene was funny as Shred called Patel and Victoria while on the clock in the work trucks to watch Frank crash and burn on his call. In true Animal Control fashion, he did fail at his attempt to secure a date as his match hung up the minute he asked her out on the date. More of these types of scenes would do the series some good. The show works best as an office comedy. 

Emily (Vella Lovell) sets Frank up on a date with a friend, Tiffany (guest star Anna Osceola) and the second double date does not go well. Frank thinks he scared her off by picking vegetables from her garden for them to eat at dinner while at a restaurant but she was on the phone with a client which Frank did not know and sent her a pretty scathing text about ghosting him. If she was having doubts before, this act sealed the deal as she left the restaurant. Frank is clearly searching for a relationship and it's so sad to see him crash and burn at each attempt but it is also pretty hilarious at the same time. 
"Bunnies and Veggies” – ANIMAL CONTROL, Pictured: Anna Osceola as Tiffany and Joel McHale as Frank Shaw. Photo: Bettina Strauss/FOX ©2024 Fox Media LLC. All Rights Reserved

Victoria finds out that her crush is none other than Templeton (Gerry Dee) who she tries to let down gently. Templeton does not take the rejection well and lets Victoria know it. To drive the point home Victoria pranks Templeton who shows up at an all girl school thinking he was going to an audition and calls him a pervert in front of the students and the teacher. Templeton is a great side character and it is always fun to see him interact with the core group. 

Elsewhere Patel and Shred have fired their general contractor and plan to do the work themselves. Having no experience when they start to take the wall down, they find black mold. We finally get to see them work on the house and not just talk about it. Glad to see some movement there although it was quick. Would have been funnier to see them struggle more on their own throughout the rest of the season before calling the contractor back. 

The episode ends with Frank and Victoria having a quick heart to heart about their troubles. These talks between them are anvils smacking the viewer in the head but it works and leaves the audience wanting more from these two. A solid episode for Animal Control. 

What did you think of the episode Animal Control fans? Leave a comment and remember to chat with me on X @lovesprina.

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