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Tracker - Lexington - Review

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Tonight’s episode took a distinctive turn from its usual focus on missing persons, with the storyline focused instead on a missing horse. The change in focus introduced a new dynamic to the series, offering a new angle on the pursuits of Colter Shaw. Viewers were also given a deeper glimpse into Colter’s elusive past through the introduction of Billie Matalon, played by Justin Hartley’s off-screen wife, Sofia Pernas. Billie is a fellow tracker whose complicated history with Colter added layers of intrigue to the narrative of the episode. 

The latest chapter in Colter’s journey, delved deep into the disappearance of Argo, a lucrative racehorse with a barrage of owners. One of the owners suspected foul play, hinting at a tangled web of personal vendettas involving his estranged wife and her new boyfriend, whose own horse stood to gain significantly from Argo’s absence in the Kentucky derby. Things quickly took a turn when Colter realized that Billie was also on the case, not one to shy away from a huge reward.

"Lexington” – TRACKER, Pictured: Sofia Pernas as Billie Matalon and Justin Hartley as Colter Shaw. Photo: Michael Courtney/CBS ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

More of Colter’s elusive backstory was unraveled as viewers learned that five years earlier, Colter had mentored Billie only for her to turn around and stab him in the back. Despite warnings from Velma and Teddi not to partner with Billie on this case, Colter found himself drawn in by her and relented, as their paths were intertwined in the search for Argo regardless if they worked together or not. Amidst the obvious sexual tension between the two, which was clearly aided by the actor’s real-life chemistry, the duo stumbled upon a grim discovery- the murder of Dan Flynn, Argo’s former trainer, unraveling a sinister plot of greed amongst one of the horse’s owners. The revelation that Argo was being drugged and was in fact, sterile due to excessive steroid use, added a dark twist, suggesting a staged kidnapping for insurance fraud.

"Lexington” – TRACKER, Pictured: Michelle Morgan as Tina Lazlo, Peter New as Stuart Tyler, Jeremiah Oh as Kenji Tomine and Justin Hartley as Colter Shaw. Photo: Michael Courtney/CBS ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

The climax of the episode saw Colter and Billie trapped in a burning barn, a scenario that not only tested their survival instincts, but ignited the undeniable chemistry between them. Yet, just as the heat between them simmered, they were thrust into a final confrontation with the mastermind behind the kidnapping, owner Stuart Tyler. Though the duo managed to return the horse, the journey proved fruitless as they discovered that the account holding the reward money was frozen by the insurance company.

Any hopes for a romance between Colter and Billie were quickly dashed, as Colter realized that he was right all along. Billie was only playing nice for the reward money and was using Colter’s intelligence to help her get it. Despite this, the door was definitely left wide open for Billie’s return to the show so the potential for another team-up is viable, which is a good thing. Colter is great at what he does and he can definitely handle things solo, but having someone to play off of adds depth to his character and definitely ramps up the drama.

"Lexington” – TRACKER, Pictured: Sofia Pernas as Billie Matalon and Justin Hartley as Colter Shaw. Photo: Ed Araquel/CBS ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
The episode brought to light a very real issue that animal right’s activists have been battling for years- the mistreatment of horses in the pursuit of a cash reward. Sadly, Argo’s story was a very real one and the writer’s did a great job of bringing the arduous job of race horses and the realities of horse racing for profit, to the forefront.
While we got a glimpse into Colter’s history, it came with more questions than answers. Viewers learned that Billie betrayed him but they were left in the dark about the details. Key pieces of their story are missing: How did Billie and Colter’s paths first cross? What exactly did she do to lose his trust? A consistent issue with the series is its failure to dive deep into the backstory of its characters. This oversight leaves a gap in the narrative and viewers are left craving a richer understanding of the character’s motivations and histories, a desire that the series, thus far, dangles just out of reach.

"Lexington” – TRACKER, Pictured: Sofia Pernas as Billie Matalon and Justin Hartley as Colter Shaw. Photo: Ed Araquel/CBS ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Despite this shortfall, the episode played greatly on the show’s strengths- the narrative cleverly balanced the investigation with the unfolding drama of the characters, ensuring that the quest for Argo was as much about the chase as it was about the characters embroiled in it. Your turn, Tracker fans! What were your thoughts on the episode? Did you enjoy Sofia Pernas’ character? Would you like to see Billie again this season? Share your thoughts below and interact with me on X at @middleofCanada.

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