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New Game Shows to Look Forward to in 2024

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Get ready to immerse yourself in the realm of competition, clever puzzles, and substantial prizes, as these game shows set the stage for an unforgettable blend of fun and anticipation. There are several new game shows to look forward to in 2024, along with new seasons of hit shows like Family Feud, American Ninja Warrior, and Generation Gap. Here are the shows slated for 2024 that we are most excited about.

Deal or No Deal Island

Scheduled to premiere on Monday, February 26, at 9:30 p.m., "Deal or No Deal Island" brings a distinctive spin to the renowned game show. Joe Manganiello hosts the series, guiding 13 contestants to a secluded island where they vie for millions concealed in over 100 briefcases by navigating challenges and dilemmas. The ultimate survivor confronts the Banker for an opportunity to secure the largest prize in the history of "Deal or No Deal."

The Flip Side

Prepare yourself for Jaleel White in "The Flip Side," and this time, it's not about Urkel or Stefan Urquelle. White takes on the role of host in this upcoming syndicated game show scheduled to debut this fall. CBS Stations will be the primary station group airing "The Flip Side" nationwide.

The gamer is distributed by CBS Media Ventures. In "The Flip Side," two teams of players try to gauge the opinions of two distinct groups on a given issue. Teams select from multiple-choice answers, and the correct answer determines the winning pot. This one was just recently announced so we don't expect this to release until later in the year.

Card Sharks

“Card Sharks” follows the ebb and flow of casino craze by focusing on card-based gameplay. The show is formatted to mimic the rush of gambling, which makes people with a hunger for Vegas watch it at home.
With more television game shows incorporating casino elements, viewers become entangled in a blend of artificial entertainment and thrilling gambling. These games transform the classic game show by giving us a piece of gambling magic in our living rooms. The union between Casino Game Trends and TV Show Gambling Features brings unpredictable excitement to our beloved series, making every episode a roll of the dice. Thus, hold on tight for a crazy ride as mainstream game shows double down their bets into the inescapable wonders of gambling inclusion!

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dapted from the successful UK game of riddles created by East Media, RIDDICULOUS is a game show featuring three pairs of contestants vying to answer trivia questions that unlock the path to solving lucrative riddles and puzzles. Faced with questions centered around a common theme (e.g., answers starting with Y or popular foods), the first team to correctly answer three questions enters a showdown with the Riddle Master. This devious expert presents clever riddles and visual puzzles. The team accumulating the most money by the end of Round 3 advances to the Riddle Master's challenging bonus round, the Riddiculous Riddle Run. Successfully solving seven riddles in 60 seconds earns them a prize of $10,000!

Mall Madness

Set within the bustling Mall of America, Mall Madness is a thrilling shopping spree game show that surprises unsuspecting shoppers with the chance to convert points earned through shopping-related trivia questions into actual spendable cash! The creative minds behind this exciting production are Dee Haslam, Rob Lundgren, and Lori Stryer of RIVR Media.

Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge

Immerse yourself in a live-action participation reality series set against the backdrop of the "Star Wars" universe. This kids' game show challenges young contestants to showcase their prowess in the fundamental Jedi principles of strength, knowledge, and bravery. As they navigate exciting and enjoyable obstacles, these participants strive to attain the esteemed rank of Jedi Knight in a thrilling adventure within the iconic "Star Wars" franchise.

Lots to look forward to in 2024!
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