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TV ratings: Four of the best casino-themed watches on your screen right now

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From movies to TV, the world of gambling has been portrayed in many different ways, and for casino enthusiasts, these make an excellent watch. It's no wonder they’re so popular, since the global casino market for both online and physical entities was estimated at a mammoth $249.3 billion in 2022 – and the way casinos appear on TV is just as jaw-dropping. From the infamous 007, who’s a dab hand at the tables, to new releases this year that have a different take on Hollywood’s approach, there are tons of options out there. We’re diving into what you should be tuning in for, whether you have a quick 30 minutes as you wait for dinner or time for a full two-hour movie – we’ve got it all!

1. James Bond, Casino Royale

As cliche as it may sound, the suave James Bond is still our top pick. What could be better than 007 doing what he does best, and dressing up in chic Hollywood casino attire? The MI6 phenomenon, with his new 00 title, heads to Montenegro for some high-stakes playing. With his all-new license to kill, his new mission was to find, beat, and then kill a bomb creator and terrorist. He finds the terrorist and ends up playing the ultimate poker game in one of the most beautiful casinos of our time – completely fictional, of course, but truly breathtaking.

Although it was filmed in 2006, it’s got the visuals, the glamor, and the newness about it that would lead you to believe it was Blockbuster's latest big hit. If you have two and a half hours spare, then you should really tune into Daniel Craig’s first rendition of this spectacular Bond character – It's one of the most elite live casino themed movies out there, and the box office hit $616 million – so the proof really is in the pudding with this one!

2. Poker Face

In a modern homage to some of the classic murder mysteries of our time, if you like a turn of events at every step, you should watch Poker Face. It’s grisly and gripping and was only released in 2023, so you can keep up to date with this TV show. The plot surrounds Charlie Cale, who is a fan favorite for a plethora of reasons. Remember Orange is the New Black? Well, the main character is played by none other than Nicky – one of the most popular characters in this detention center-themed show.

Poker Face, however, takes a completely new approach for the actress – as Charlie Cale is a casino worker, who has an innate ability to hell when someone is telling lies – talk about an excellent poker player, right? Her character is on the run constantly from her big casino boss after an important death in the plot, but we aren’t going to share any spoilers. It’s a gripping show, with Season 2 set to be filmed for next year – so watch this space!

3. 21

If you couldn’t already guess, 21 is a movie focused on the game of blackjack. Released in 2008, the two-hour-long movie follows a team of MIT students who are enlisted by their school professor. Trained up to be the best card counters you can imagine, they take their insane mathematical skills and put them to the test. On a mission to give Vegas their best, they go on to win hundreds of thousands, but the movie takes a turn when the money gets too big.
This is well worth watching if you love blackjack; you get plenty of opportunities to admire the ins and outs of the characters’ intelligent minds, and see how these players turn their skills to the realm of the casino.

4. The Sopranos

Catch New Jersey mafia boss, Tony Soprano, on an eight-year stint in The Sopranos. With 86 episodes and 6 seasons, you can have a month-long binge on this exciting gambling-fueled TV show. The show follows Tony battling some personal issues with his family life and running a team of Italian-New Jersey mobsters in their pursuit of money. The team of boys goes on to many gambling affairs, and you can really see some ‘90s casino-style permeating this show.

The storyline is impossible to summarize, seeing as it spans over half a decade, and takes many different turns. If you’ve watched everything on the market on the big screen, then The Sopranos can be your next show to indulge in, as it’s a mammoth watch, with exciting plots and plenty to keep you on the edge of your seat.

These four choices are a brilliant mix of TV shows and movies that will fill your next month's watching slots up like nothing else. A gripping watch with some beautiful background casino shots and tension surrounding the ever-rising stakes makes a fabulous lazy Sunday afternoon in our book!
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