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One of the strongest pieces of feedback we recieve on is how annoying the ads are. We try to limit them, but we also could not agree more.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been been working with a company called Synth that allows us to offer you ad-free. Much like everyone else, I see ads as a necessary evil in order to pay for servers and staff. But, it should not be the only option.

How This Works

If you are able to support us with $3/month, we can give you ad-free and provide you an in-depth newsletter along with it. You would also get ad-free as well. We are hoping to set up more partnerships with other websites to increase the amount of ad-free websites available to you as time goes on. So instead of doing a "Buy me a Coffee" or asking for donations through Patreon, we are offering you something in return.

That said, we know this is probably for our strongest fans and supporters. If you feel like you can support us and the work that we do, head over to this link and hit the subscribe button.

Ratings and

With the launch of in 2012, we established one of the most popular online TV ratings databases on the web. Since 2012, the web has evolved, and we are ready to do that as well. will only be offered to our readers directly via a small subscription starring on November 1st. The same you have been accustomed to will remain in place, updated daily. However, in order to offer this to you, we have changed the business model into a "SubStack-style" subscription. So you get other benefits like an in-depth newsletter and access to ad free.

Now, we are well aware of the implications of taking something that was once free and turning it into a paid service. However, we do pay extensively to both receive these ratings and organize/display them. At the moment, offering them on a stand-alone site is not viable for us. So in order for us to keep providing this service, we believe a small monthly fee ($5/month) is reasonable for the value it provides.

Once you subscribe, you will start receiving emails immediately and access to the database will be sent over as well.

Thank you

We know subscribing is a big deal, and we do not take it lightly. We are hoping we get enough interest in this, that we can start to pay for more in-depth writing, analysis, and interviews with show runners. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting us, and we will continue to do great work!

You can subscribe to STV+ here. Send any questions to

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SpoilerTV Available Ad-Free!

Support SpoilerTV is now available ad-free to for all subscribers. Thank you for considering becoming a SpoilerTV premmium member!
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