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Hell's Kitchen - "Citizens of Hell's Kitchen" 22.03 - Press Release + Photos + Episode Recap (Spoilers Ahead!)

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Episode Recap (Spoilers Ahead!)
In the third episode of Hell's Kitchen Season 22, the heat was turned up a notch as the chefs faced a challenging breakfast cook-off. The chefs had to rush around the parking lot and cook three different breakfast dishes in just 30 minutes. Despite a promising start, the Blue Team lost their lead and the challenge ended with a close 10-9 victory for the Red Team. The reward for the Red Team was an invitation to a yacht, while the Blue Team had to gather and prepare carrots from a farm for the night's service.

During the service, the Blue Team started strong with Ben's risotto and Alex's lobster cooked to perfection. However, Ethan's scallops were a disaster, leading to his ejection from the kitchen. The Red Kitchen saw Heather and Emily working well on appetizers, but Amelia struggled on garnish. After several mistakes, Amelia was also kicked out. Sophia's inconsistent scallops, ranging from raw to burnt, led to her dismissal as well.

The episode ended with a tense moment as the Blue Team had to nominate two of their own for elimination. The first nominee was O'Shay, who seemed lost during the service. The second nominee was Nicole, who had served raw food.

What do you think of the Blue Team's nominations? Do you agree with their choices or would you have nominated different chefs? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Press Release
The contestants serve a brunch to new American citizens; one team reigns supreme and is rewarded with a swanky Hollywood rooftop pool party, while the losing team picks up confetti; the teams serve Victor Cruz, Bobby Berk, Alaska and Liam Pace.

Airdate: Thursday 12th October 2023

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