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The Role of Television and Visual Media in Shaping Diabetes Awareness

The topic of diabetes is hugely misunderstood. Most believe it only affects overweight individuals with sedentary lifestyles and those with high sugar intake. Hence, it is often overlooked as a minor issue. However, it is a significant problem because it takes a million lives a year worldwide. This misinformation is mainly due to a lack of awareness. In a time when the media plays a critical role in informing the public, it is crucial to use its power to increase awareness. In the article, we will delve into the importance of diabetes awareness and the role the media plays in it.

Learning About Diabetes

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5 Importance of Diabetes Awareness

Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs either when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or when the body cannot effectively use the insulin. It is a long-lasting health condition that affects how your body turns food into energy. There are several types of this disease. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease frequently found in children and adolescents, and Type 2 diabetes is the most common. With it being a growing health concern with the number of global issues steadily rising, the importance of awareness has to be emphasized. The awareness initiatives help tackle this problem in the following ways:

Lifestyle changes

Some lifestyle choices increase the risks of developing the illness. Smoking or excess alcohol intake affects the pancreas and increases the disease's chances. With proper awareness of the risk factors, individuals create their own habits to prevent diabetes. People with such a diagnosis change their lifestyles and diets to manage their conditions more effectively.

Early Detection

When it comes to health, knowledge is equal to life. With health care, early detection is the next best thing when prevention fails. Proper awareness helps individuals to identify the risk symptoms of diabetes on time. It allows for effective management and prevention of complications.

Battling Stigma

Because of a lack of information or misrepresentation of diabetes in the media, people with diabetes face a lot of stigma and misconceptions. Proper information and correct diabetes illustrations from the press eradicate the stigma. So, those suffering from it live everyday lives without discrimination.

Public Health Impact

As we saw in the COVID-19 pandemic, proper information is vital to ensuring the health and well-being of the public. With adequate awareness of this condition, community members make informed decisions on ensuring and maintaining public health. It also helps lessen the burden on the healthcare system and society as a whole.

Reducing Healthcare Cost

When individuals and the community are exposed to information on diabetes, they take active measures in prevention and early intervention. Thus, the money spent in hospitals and healthcare centers will be drastically reduced.

Health Education Through Entertainment

The Entertainment Industry has a huge impact on all our lives. From watching movies, checking reviews on Spoiler TV, and listening to music on Spotify, we consume it in one form or another. Health Education has been chiefly transmitted through traditional media like papers or articles. But in recent times, more health education is being propagated through modern news media and entertainment. These channels include TV shows, documentaries, and even social media platforms. Health Content Creators are slowly gaining center stage in the media.

The average person would rather watch a movie or scroll through Instagram than read a research paper on diabetes or attend a seminar. But to ensure quality public health, it is essential to educate all community members on health-related matters and diseases. Proper information answers common questions like “Can diabetes spread?” or “Is it inheritable?” The information can be communicated through various forms of entertainment.

Health Education through media also helps to dispel myths about this topic. When there is a lack of information, misconceptions are prone to surface. With proper representation in TV shows or movies, these falsehoods are cleared. Those people who may have been stigmatized because of these misconceptions are able to live without fear.

The Role of TV and the Media in Promoting Diabetes Awareness Initiatives

As we have seen, the media plays a vital role in areas related to health. Through various channels, the media allows people to make proper decisions and choices. The effect of television on public opinion on health is huge. Here are five roles the media plays in promoting diabetes awareness:

Dissemination of Information

Through TV shows, movies about diabetes, and social media campaigns, the public is brought up-to-date with critical issues, such as trends or preventive measures. Healthcare providers partner with popular social media influencers to ensure a wider reach.


TVs and Other media forms garner support for diabetes and health policy that will improve research and other aspects of treating the disease.

Maintaining Positivity

Media helps promote the stories of individuals living their everyday lives with diabetes. Seeing such people encourages those who have been stigmatized or those who have found it challenging to live with the disease.


Health-related research requires a tremendous amount of funding. The media sway public sentiment and, through fundraising programs, help raise funds for diabetes research, treatment, or support involved organizations.

Promoting Healthy Lifestyle

Reality shows on diabetes, cooking programs, fitness shows, and even celebrities living healthy lives encourage and motivate people to live active lives, thereby reducing the risks of diabetes.

Spotlight On Diabetes

The Media is often called the “Fourth Estate” because of its massive influence on society. By incorporating health education into media and entertainment, we promote the importance of individual and public health everywhere. Harnessing its power allows us to battle misinformation stigmatization and generally improve the health of those with diabetes, encourage individuals to be proactive about their health, and may help prevent those without it from getting the disease. It is important for all of us to use these mediums in one way or another in order to spread awareness about diabetes and illuminate a path for a healthy future.
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