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Secret Invasion - Harvest / Home - Review

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First of all, I want to apologize for not being able to post this review sooner… but here we go.

- Harvest

Episode five starts at the hospital, as Nick Fury drops President Ritson there, trying to save him from an imminent death, and guarding him.

At the Skrulls compound, Gravik fights with the Skrulls because he didn’t kill Fury, didn’t do what he was supposed to do, and didn’t get the Avengers' DNA as he said he would. Full of this fight, Gravik killed one of his mates, blaming them for his failure. After that, he ordered them to kill Varra at her own house, and calls Skrull!Rhodey ordered him to kill President Ritson.

As Sonya meets the MI6 director, she points a gun at him, implying he’s a Skrull, and asking for Dr. Rosa Dalton’s location. As she shoots him, we learn he’s actually a Skrull.

At the compound, a group of skulls believes Gravik is now out of control and tries to kill him, but he manages to free himself and starts attacking all the Skrulls who went after him and kills poor Beto (who was the one leading the attack.)

In the next scene, we see Fury going back to the old Skrulls safe house to meet Gi’ah. He starts telling her Talos didn’t lose, he died fighting. He asks her what Gravik stole, and Gi’ah tells him Gravik stole a few DNA samples and he’s searching for the Harvest.

In the end, Sonya managed to find Rosa Dalton and infiltrate her and Victor’s house, and, after observing her samples, asks her about the work their persuing with the Superpowered-Skrulls device. As she confiscates her documents, Victor tries to kill Dr Dalton saying she would’ve been punished for betraying Gravik…and Sonya kills him.

At the hospital, in an attempt to start WWIII, Skrull!Rhodey tells President Ritson that the Russians are protecting and financing the Skrulls and they were the ones who tried to kill him.

Fury gets a call from Gravik, asking for a deal. Asking for the Harvest in exchange for the stop of possible WWIII. As Fury gets on a plane we see Rick Manson (from the Black Widow movie) is the one bringing him out of the country, to Finland.

In the next scene, back at the Fury’s mansion, Varra, and Gi’ah are performing a ritual/funeral for Talos, just like in the Skrulls tradition. As they burn his body and recite a traditional prayer, Gi’ah wishes him peace. As Gi’ah and Varra talk about their regrets, and Gi’ah feels guilty for calling her father a failure, and Varra tells her about her moments and her life with Fury, they get attacked by the Skrulls, as ordered by Gravik. They get armed and shoot them all down.

At the airport, Fury manages to bypass security wearing one of the “masks” who change voice and appearance and meets with Sonya to go to a graveyard, where a tomb with his name on it hides a vial with the famous “Harvest”, containing the Avenger’s blood and DNA, who was collected by few selected Skrulls, after the battle from Endgame. And that team of Skrulls was led by Gravik. At the grave, Fury takes the vial with him and changes to his older self (back to the leather jacket and the eye patch.)

– Home

Episode six starts with Fury calling Varra, and saying he tried to call this number many times but never dared to do it. She asks him if he’s gonna come back and he says she should take care of herself. In the next scene, we see Fury heading for the Skrulls compound, ready to fight.

After this, at the hospital, President Ritson and Skrull!Rhodey are discussing with an US official, the course of action on the Skrulls compound and the Russians. And as “Rhodey” gets aggressive and insists they should strike and attack the Russians, President Ritson starts getting suspicious. Sonya calls Rhodey saying he should move the President and get him out.

Back at the compound, Fury starts feeling sick from the radioactivity air he’s breathing just by standing there, but he moves on, to meet Gravik. They meet in the laboratory, inside the Superskrulls machinery. And, as they discuss everything and nothing, Gravik says his face is the one he got from the first man he killed, and Fury ordered him to do it. And admits he killed so many people, and every people he killed took a little bit of his soul. He accused Fury of using the Skrulls when he needed them and then throwing them away (I kinda stand his point on this…). Gravik blames Fury for everything, the bombs, and the killings like he didn’t have control (wtf?? makes no sense). Fury responds he’s right, and admits he gave up on them because it’s easier to save 8 billion people than to change their heart in something.

As Fury talks to Gravik, we see scenes from the hospital, as Sonya neutralizes all of Rhodey’s security, and back and forth at the compound, we see Fury giving Carol and the Avenger’s DNA to Gravik, asking him to disappear after taking it.

As Gravik activates the machine, we’re back at the hospital again, and we see President Ritson realizing Rhodey is a Skrull and asking for a gun from one of the security men. Sonya captures Rhodey, as she and President Ritson point a gun at him. After this, we switch back to the compound again, and the machine is activated, where we see the machine activate with Gravik and Fury in it. As the lights from the machine fade, we see Gravik has turned into a powerful super-skull, and Fury stands there unscathed. Gravik starts to fight and hurts Fury, but at one point Fury manages to stop him and fights back, making Gravik jump out of the compound. Thanks to this, we learn it’s not Fury, but Gi’ah disguising as him, who got all of the superpowers too and turned into a Superskrull. And she’s ready to get revenge on her parents and finally kill Gravik.

In the next scene, we briefly see the REAL Fury at the hospital, leading the operation to free the President. And tries to convince him he’s not there to hurt him, but Skrull!Rhodey is. He asks him to call off the strike, to save thousands of US and worldwide officials who have been kidnapped by Gravik, including the real Rhodey.

Back at the compound, as Gi’ah almost gets killed by Gravik, she uses Mantis’ powers to put Gravik to sleep and finish him one and for all. As the brutal fight goes on, Gravik tells her she’s weak like her father and the rest of the Skrulls, and with that, she kills him once and for all. After freeing herself, she free the humans from the machines and helps the real Rhodey and Everett Ross to get away. As Everett asks Rhodey how much time he spent there, Gi’ah said he was captured a long time ago.

Back at the hospital, President Ritson declares war on the Skrulls (and I think ALL NOT-HUMAN SPECIES), saying he knows who they are, where they are, and that he will find them and kill them all.

Fury goes back to the mansion and asks Varra for one last chance. She’s reluctant at first, she asks him if he was serious about it and if he would love her even in her skin. He says he loves her the way she is.

In the next scene, Gi’ah is going around town, followed by a suspicious vehicle, which turns out to be Sonya. She was following Gi’ah to get a deal, they could help each other, and she would help the Skrulls against President Ritson, saying Gi’ah should be a leader to the Skrulls. Gi’ah is reluctant at first, but she gets on board. Sonya and Gi’ah start to collaborate soon enough, and they found a compound full of humans controlled by the Skrulls. As President Ritson’s agenda start to be unveiled, officials and common humans start creating chaos and killing every person they think could be undercover Skrulls. Even innocent humans. On the phone, Fury asks him to call off the war, and President Ritson insists Fury has to get the Skrulls out of the planet.

At the end of the episode, as Fury is going back to space, Varra reunites with him and accepts to go with him to S.A.B.E.R., as he tells her she could help him to manage a peace treat between Skrulls and the Krees. She turns into her Skrull form and tells him she loves him as she is, and they go back to SABER together.

What did you think of these episodes? Did you like it? Let me know in the comments!

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