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Movies and TV Series Based on Video Games that are Actually Worth Watching

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When it comes time for a well-deserved rest, many people move away from society in favor of a good rest and start watching movies and TV shows, or playing games.

You can play session games, go through many interesting single-player games, buy fifa coins in a football simulator or any other, or just watch a movie or series based on popular games and compare how the authors conveyed the general idea of a popular game.

Lara Croft and Tomb Raider

These are different projects that film two eras of the gaming industry and the adventures of the girl archaeologist Lara.
In classic Lara Croft, you find yourself in a jungle and trap network with constant puzzles and artifacts to stop your antagonists.
The game closely intertwined the canons of adventure, mysticism and overcoming obstacles, the directors of the film starring Angelina Jolie went the same way.

By the way, it was Jolie who perfectly fit into the networking of the same Lara, to which all the players on the consoles of that time were accustomed.
You will find an intricate plot from the plot after the next excavation of Lara, which will lead her to search for new artifacts to uncover the secrets of the Illuminati and interact with other archaeologists.
The heroine will collect two artifacts together and face the antagonist who harmed her father in the past and take the relic that can control time in the battle. The whole film continues the ideas and traditions of the game series and will be enjoyed by all fans.

The second part will once again return Angelina Jolie to the screens and create many temples and artifacts that bring the idea of inexplicable events associated with humanity.
This time, Lara will face the Chinese Syndicate as the main antagonists and find the Temple of the Moon and prevent the opponents from finding Pandora's Box and the Cradle of Life.

Rare artifacts, played and metaphorical buildings and events, various opponents and betrayal with an unexpected outcome - for such plot twists, the players fell in love with the character and the Lara Croft series itself.
The project received its restart in 2013, and with it a new film, which presented everyone with a completely different Tomb Raider and, accordingly, a new actress for the main role.
The new format of films was filmed in similarity with the already new branch of the game series and therefore was not well received by all fans, especially because of the new image of Lara and, as it seemed to some of the critics, it was not sexy enough.

At the same time, the plot remained more playful - with a classic plot, where Lara lives her life without touching her father's past, but when she is threatened with the loss of property, she still risks going into his office, which is where the main adventure begins. A found video recording of her father about the research of the goddess Himiko, who was honored by the inhabitants of Yamatai as the mistress of life and death, pushes Lara to start research, despite the request of Richard Croft on the tape to destroy all his works. She rents a ship and sails to the island, where she meets Trinity, a secret order that is also looking for Himiko.

During the adventure, Lara will even find her father, who in turn will lead her to Himiko's temple to interfere with the Order of Trinity, but the events will turn out tragically, which will lead to the destruction of everything in it and the death of the elder Croft.
Returning from the expedition, Lara nevertheless enters into the inheritance and discovers an interesting connection between the Croft holding and her recent friend, who made a deposit for Lara at the beginning of events. The heroine buys two of her branded pistols and goes in search.

Assassin's Creed

The cult game from Ubisoft popularized the stealth action format, making it historical and adding the ability to independently decide the outcome and the method of eliminating the target.
According to the plot, scientists deal with the DNA of various people in order to establish who their ancestors were and find echoes of the past in the protagonist, where the ancestors were in a secret order of killers who killed according to the principle of small evil, for the sake of great good.

Ordinary people were not their targets - the blade, which was installed instead of the ring finger, struck only villains - murderers, tyrants, arms dealers. The player himself decided how to get close to the target and how to eliminate him and leave the kill zone.

The film well reveals the canons of the life of the Assassins and shows the life and events that took place before the second part of the franchise and the story about the assassin Ecio. The picture will tell about the father of the protagonist, his formation as a killer and the role he played in the destruction of the conspirators against the Medici family, who were supposed to destabilize all of Italy by destroying the representatives of a powerful dynasty.
In 2016, the sequel to Assassin's Creed was released, where the director took the main mechanics and ideas from all the games and mixed them into one pile, which was not liked by all viewers and game fans.
The film will tell two stories at once, as it happens in the game itself - the modern world and the connection of the character to the Aminus and the past, where the main character encounters the Templars and tries to take possession of the Apple of Eden - a rare artifact that can help humanity get rid of violence. The film will show the process of becoming an assassin and mixed scenes from the past and the future.


The game about a bald hitman with a barcode on his head with the number 47 has gained wild popularity and continues to be released on PC.
The main concept is contract killings and many scenarios for the implementation of your order.

-You can just go in and shoot everyone, including the victim.
-You can fake a death.
-You can covertly eliminate the target by dressing up in the clothes of people close to him.
-You can find and eliminate the target without changing your costume by simply killing the enemy in any inconspicuous way.

The film received both critical and positive reviews for its dive into the plot - 47 received his usual order to kill the president, but an unfortunate slip twists the situation so that he now needs to avoid attacks from his customers and various special services.
Pro tip: to stream these movies/tv shows and games, you need a reliable internet, otherwise they are completely unplayable in offline mode. Go for Comcast internet service, if your current internet is giving you troubles.
The continuation of the film about Hitman will tell in more detail about the formation of the main character, his connection with Diana, whom many saw in Hitman Absolute, and the role of the new heroine.

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