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The SpoilerTV 2023 Episode Competition - Nominations now closed

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I want you to put the word out there that we back up.

You understand me? We back up.

My thanks, as ever, to Dahne for her expert management of the SpoilerTV Awards and the Character Cup, which is always a particular favourite in these parts. You'll have surely noticed that the Episode Competition is running a month later than its usual spot at the beginning of June, owing to Dahne's schedule.

But our start date is the only thing that has changed. Otherwise, the Episode Competition is the same as you know and love it: 32 episodes from the past year doing battle to decide which is the SpoiierTV audience's favourite.

Last year, the penultimate episode of This Is Us claimed the title. We've had a different winner in each of the past seven editions and we most certainly won't have a title retention, given the NBC hit's been off the air in the eligbility period - not since Person of Interest in 2015 and 2016 has a show gone back-to-back.

Let's get into it, shall we?

The rules are simple: ANY episode that aired from 1st June 2022 to 31st May 2023 can be submitted. Episodes that did not air during this period will not be included. Please do not try to submit episodes that did not air in this period, as they will not count and you will be wasting one of your nominations.

This is really important. Note that the eligibilty period has not changed with the delayed start to the competition. It is still the same 12-month period as ever. Episodes which aired in June 2023 will not be eligible until next summer's edition. We're like the Emmys in that way. So please don't waste a nomination on something which you've seen in the last few weeks.

The top 32 episodes will enter the competition. However, if a particular show has more than two episodes in that top 32, only the two most voted for episodes will make it into the competition - thus giving other shows a better chance and preventing one show from dominating.

1. Please ensure that the episodes that you nominate have aired within the eligibility period as stated above. Episodes that aired outside of the eligibility period will not be counted and so you will be wasting a vote.
2. Please use the full show's title when submitting e.g. use The Walking Dead rather than TWD.
3. Please use the actual episode's name when submitting rather than any key word to describe it e.g. for the NCIS premiere you'd use A Family Matter instead of premiere.
4. Please try to spell everything correctly as best you can as it will make sorting through entries far easier.

Only 1 Submission per person. If you try to submit multiple times ALL your submissions will be removed. Similarly your entry will not be counted if you nominate the same episode multiple times in one submission.

Direct form link

You have until Monday 10th July to enter your submissions. If you have any queries let me know in the comments below or via my email

The competition will begin on Wednesday 12th July. Check back then for the first round of matches!

Enter your submissions, spread the word and tell us what you voted for in the comments!

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