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Superman and Lois - What Kills You Only Makes You Stronger - Review : What Will Lex Luthor Do Next ?

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Beware of spoilers for the episode in the article. Please do not continue reading if you haven’t watched the episode yet and you are not okay with being spoiled.

Lois Lane :

This episode opened with Lois stating that it had been 32 days since Lex was released. Judge Tara Reagan from episode 2 was murdered and Lois immediately saw her death for what it was ,a very blatant message that Lex was coming after her. Lois saved Reagen's life by revealing to her that she had cancer in episode 2, I'm surprised the Judge lasted this long into the season. Reagan was also the Judge who sentenced Lex , Lex is clearly going after everyone who was responsible for his conviction. Lex is not going to let this go and we discovered just how far he was willing to go in this episode.

Chrissy and Kyle :

Chrissy discovered that she was pregnant this week, she told Kyle who took the news rather well. Chrissy was however worried about how they would tell Lana. Lana took it really well when Kyle told her about the baby. Clark and Lois were also very happy for Chrissy, both Lana and Lois wanted more kids so it would be sweet to watch them spoil the baby as aunts/godmothers. Kyle proposed to Chrissy during the “Meteor Shower Viewing” in the Smallville towns square. Lana is okay with Kyle moving on but it does still hurt because they were together for a very long time and now that's done. I loved that John Henry's first statement to Lana was "Are you okay ?", when they witnessed Kyle's wedding proposal to Chrissy.

General Sam Lane :

Sam introduced his new girlfriend Gretchen to Jonathan, Jordan and Natalie who he referred to as his grandsons and granddaughter respectively. I'm glad Sam considers Natalie to be his granddaughter but it's unfortunate the show didn't focus on their dynamic much this season after the dance. I would have liked to gaave seen more scenes with them together after that. Sam's girlfriend turned out to be evil and working for Lex. Gretchen got him kidnapped and shipped off to Luthor. Clark knew Lex had something to do with Sam's disappearance when he used his super hearing to find Sam's phone in an alley.

Lana Lang and John Henry Irons :

Sam told John Henry that he had an opportunity which would mean Natalie can enroll at the DOD facility with Matteo. This thread felt like the show's way of writing out John Henry and Natalie. John Henry finally asked Lana Lang out to dinner. It's unfortunate we didn't get more focus on actually getting to see them together as a couple. Lana and John went out on a date and ended up consummating their very slow burn romantic connection.

Clark Kent and Jordan Kent :

Clark and Jordan's father son moment in the dinner was great. Clark finally got through to Jordan about his actions.Jordan listened to his Dad and apologized to Sarah for his behavior. Jordan and Sarah ended the season on an amicable note. Considering that the show might have been canceled this felt like a good point to end their relationship with potential for the two getting back together later. A great aspect of this show is how fully realized Clark and Lois are as characters, something which shines in their parenting skills.

Lex Luthor:

One day later in the show's timeline we also learned that Lex had spent 33 days torturing zombie Bizarro. Lex discovered that zombie Bizarro Superman didn't stay dead. Everytime Lex killed him he came back stronger , Lex pulled his manipulative Jedi mind tricks on Bizarro and basically turned zombie Bizarro into a loyal pet. Lex spent a whole month killing him to turn him into a weapon that could kill Superman until he eventually turned into Doomsday. Which was a nice call back to season 2 when Bizarro Superman first showed up in Doomsday’s comic book suit. That moment turned out to be great foreshadowing.

That Cliffhanger :

Lex went back to the Kent's farm and confronted Superman who was already searching for Lex in space right above the earth. Lex calling Clark a lapdog in tights was very bold and completely incorrect , Clark does what he thinks is right first and foremost and is nobody's lapdog. Lex unleashed Doomsday on Clark and that fight scene was visually stunning, the VFX department on the show is consistently great. Tyler sold Superman's realization that Doomsday was still alive after being impaled, Superman hasn't fought anything like that before and you really felt the horror of watching Superman being pummeled. The episode ended on an epic cliffhanger that will have fans talking for months.

Addressing the Elephant in the room :

The show was almost canceled this season even though it is the CW’s most watched show this season due to the Nexstar Media Group CW takeover and the show being a very expensive show to produce. The show was renewed but unfortunately the following cast members will not return as series regulars in season 4 of Superman and Lois : Wole Parks (John Henry Irons), Inde Navarrette (Sarah Cushing), Emmanuelle Chriqui ( Lana Lang) , Taylor Buck ( Natalie Irons ), Dylan Walsh ( Samuel Lane ), Erik Valdez ( Kyle Cortez) and Sofia Hasmik (Chrissy Beppo ). This effectively means only the Kents and Lex Luthor's actors will be series regulars next season. Season 4 of the show will also only be 10 episodes due to budget cuts.

Verdict :

A great season finale that sets up a very interesting fourth season for the television show. The rest of the cast will be missed and hopefully the show is able to bring back as many available cast members as it can to recur on the show. I also hope the fourth season's quality does not drop too much from all of the budget cuts whenever it premieres.


Story: 9/10

Visuals: 10/10

Sound: 9/10

Performances: 10/10

Overall: 9/10

This review marks the end of my 'Superman and Lois's third season reviews, I hope to see you all here back again for the fourth season.

"What did you think of this week’s episode ?"

"What are your thoughts on season ?"

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