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Upcoming Game Shows On Broadcast TV 2023

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Game shows have been a staple of broadcast TV for as long as TV’s have existed, providing entertainment for the whole family. As streaming services continue to grow, broadcast game shows are still some of the most-watched shows in the world.

Now that the summer of 2023 approaches, a new raft of shows are on their way. Here are the upcoming game shows from some of the biggest names in the business.

Jeopardy! Masters

Our first game show is a new take on Jeopardy!, a classic that has been on TV since 1964. In May of 2023, a new version called Jeopardy! Masters is airing for the whole month and beyond on ABC.

A spinoff show isn’t something new for Jeopardy!, which rakes in tens of millions of terrestrial views annually. It’s one of the great American game shows with a popularity that never ends.

Classic games like Jeopardy! and other branded spinoffs remain popular with online audiences, as do interactive games that use classic brands that never go out of style. This can be seen in Live MONOPOLY at Paddy Power, which describes itself as half game show and is based on the popular board game that needs no introduction. This spin on a familiar favorite offers 3D and augmented reality graphics and shows just how much online bingo has developed over the years.

In Masters, six former champions including famous contestants James Holzhauer and Amy Schneider return to battle it out across a wide variety of topics. Cumulatively, the six champs have earned almost $6 million in their careers and are meeting Ken Jennings again to try for more. As a former contestant, Ken Jennings has had an interesting history with the show, told best by The Ringer.
Family Feud

Later in the year, Family Feud is returning with Steve Harvey’s 9th season of Celebrity Family Feud and then the 25th season of the original show. Also broadcast by ABC, this is another game show titan that brings in millions of viewers and finds more popularity online through its entertaining, clipped moments.

Unlike Jeopardy! Masters, there’s no change to the way the shows work. Instead, the celebrity version tries to get contestants that have a history together, making for entertaining exchanges and healthy rivalry. For example, last year’s season included the families of wrestlers Rey Mysterio and The Miz and an episode featuring Johnny Knoxville and friends. As for the original version, it’s business as usual as more families get a chance at $20,000.

Hell’s Kitchen

Less of a traditional game show like Jeopardy! or Family Feud, Hell’s Kitchen challenges contestants to cook for one of the world’s most discerning chefs, Gordon Ramsay. Both the show and the man himself are household names with every season pulling in millions of viewers. Ramsay has many shows, all very important to FOX according to Mashed, but Hell’s Kitchen is one of the longest-running.

In Hell’s Kitchen, the contestants stay all season, gradually being eliminated until a single winner is chosen. The winner takes home a much higher bounty of $250,000, along with the lucrative but no doubt stressful job of head chef at one of Gordon’s restaurants.

After shaking things up with their 21st “Battle of the Ages” season, which also brought old winners and runners-up contestants back, season 22 is returning to form and arrives in the third quarter of the year.

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