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Superman and Lois - Complications - Review : This Is What We Have

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Beware of spoilers for the episode in the article. Please do not continue reading if you haven’t watched the episode yet and you are not okay with being spoiled.

Lois Lane :

This week on the show marked the conclusion of a lot of plot lines for this season starting with the end of Lois's Cancer storyline. This episode Lois finally had her surgery as Peia lost control of her power after the cure failed. Clark tried to be there for Lois for her surgery as he also flew around searching for Peia who had become extremely powerful after taking the cure. Peia alternatively used her powers in multiple areas of Metropolis making it difficult for Superman to track her down with his super hearing.

Jonathan Kent and Jordan Kent:

Just as the Kents arrived at the hospital so that Lois could have her Mastectomy surgery Jordan started to have an anxiety attack. Jordan panicked and he walked out of Lois’s hospital room, Jonathan followed right after him. Jonathan truly doesn't need powers in order to be a hero , Jon saved his brother from his anxiety attack. It turned out that Jordan’s anxiety attack triggered Jordan’s X-ray vision powers. Jon saved Jordan and Jordan returned the favor when the boys were waiting outside the Hospital room when he stopped a large metal canister from falling over during Lois's surgery since he was able to use his X ray powers to see and check if Lois's surgery was going well.

I don't think Jonathan necessarily needs powers but on the other side of things I do think the show has struggled with coming up with interesting storylines for Jonathan that involve him not having powers. I think the decision for Jonathan not to have powers works to a point ,but I'm not sure how long the show can keep things interesting with a powerless Jonathan whilst giving him similar storylines like they have. Jonathan deserves better storylines.

Sarah :

Sarah tried to apologize to Jordan about their fight last week and she told him she didn't mean what she said. Jordan didn't accept her apology and he told her that he meant what he said. Sarah became really sad which worried Lana about Sarah possibly relapsing and trying to harm herself again. Lana was so worried she went right to Kyle who initially wasn't taking her seriously until she said she hasn't seen Sarah like this since her incident. Kyle and Lana talked to Sarah at the Diner about her mental health and Kyle opened up to Sarah about his own struggles with it and how it manifested in his drinking problem. Kyle told his daughter she needed to find a purpose. The Diner just happened to be looking for a waitress after Candice left town so Sarah begrudgingly agreed to take the waitressing job.

Kyle , Superman and Chrissy :

Clark finally talked to Kyle about his secret after promising to tell him in last week's episode and Kyle agreed to keep Clark’s secret. Kyle however got really mad at Chrissy for lying to him about Clark being Superman when he told her that he believed there was a metahuman in Smallville. Personally it wasn't Chrissy's secret to tell so I didn't blame her for not telling Kyle. I’m glad Kyle came around in the end after his talk with Lana and he apologized to Chrissy about getting mad at her.

John Henry and Natalie Irons :

John Henry followed Natalie to the Mannheim’s apartment but even though they were still not on the same page about the Mannheims, John adjusted his tune and told his daughter that he wanted her to let go of Matteo so that she wouldn't be chasing a ghost for the rest of her life. John loves his daughter and he just wants her to be happy and safe. Natalie and John Henry's relationship was much more healthy this episode since both father and daughter actually listened to each other.

The Mannheims :

Peia's story came to an end as she progressively lost control of her powers throughout the episode. It turned out that the cure didn't take and instead turned Peia into a ticking sonic wave time bomb. Bruno refused to accept his wife's new predicament as he tried to get her to take another dose of the cure, the second dose only worked momentarily as it made Peia worse. Peia accidentally splattered one of Bruno's henchmen with her powers in front of Matteo as Matteo expressed shock at seeing his mother's powers in action. This was the moment that Peia realized that her powers were too out of control and she fled from her family to protect them.

Matteo rushed to get help as he found Natalie's device that she left in the Mannheim’s apartment building when she was with her father. Natalie and Matteo’s reunion was cut short when Bruno followed Matteo and he threatened her just as John Henry who was not far behind quickly took care of Bruno's men with his Steel hammer. John Henry only let go of Mannheim when Matteo pleaded with John to help save his mother. John managed to convince Bruno to call truce between them as Bruno and Mateo rushed to the top of the building so they could see where Pea was in the city.

Peia walked through the city as she saw the destruction her power was causing to the people around her. Horrified, she kept trying to contain her power as she fought not to harm anyone else. Superman showed up and told Peia that it was okay for her to let go after she told him that no one could help her. Peia told Superman to tell Bruno she would always love him forever and always as Superman flew up into the sky with her and she finally unleashed all of the power she was holding back as she passed away. Superman took Peia’s body back to the Mannheim’s apartment rooftop as Bruno and Matteo tearfully grieved Peia’s death and Superman told Bruno her message.

Bruno ultimately decided to give up everything in exchange for Matteo receiving immunity to live the life that he wants away from facing any consequences for his father’s actions.Bruno only became who he became as a way of keeping Peia and Matteo safe. With Peia gone Matteo was the only thing Bruno was left to protect so he did that, Bruno did everything for his family. This felt like a satisfying conclusion to the Mannheim arc. Chad Coleman, Daya Vaidya and Spence Moore II all did a phenomenal job portraying the Mannheim family this season.

Conclusion :

The episode ended with a few important development as Lois's surgery went well and we finally saw Bizarro Superman wake up, something we have been waiting to see for quite a while. However the biggest fallout from this episode that could have far reaching consequences for the show's future if we have more seasons is Lex Luthor release.

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